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Brief return

  • Marrend
  • 05/12/2015 12:28 PM
I may not yet have any solid ideas for the Trial of the Spirit that occurs in Gojo, but, I can still make maps of Castle Gojo, and make a transition area between Gojo and Askigaga! As far as Castle Gojo is concerned, I'll be using unity's excellent map of Castle Hachisuka as a base, and thoughts of re-doing Castle Askigaga in that style have also passed through my head.

Another thought I've had is to have each of the nations castle have it's own theme, rather than using the same one each time. I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before in a previous blog, but, I've a few ideas of what I want to use, even if they are all rips.

Thoughts of adding playable content for Ryusaki Kenshin have surfaced yet again. For a bit of background, the game's plan was to have him be the main protagonist, rather than Hiroji and his company. The game was to start with Ryusaki arriving at the Temple of the Oracle, and doing various tasks for her, meeting the other characters that you see in this game, and giving players options of how to interact with them. If certain options were chosen, the game would become either a story of redemption, or a story of self-destruction.

So, why the chance in focus to Hiroji in the first place? I guess the best answer I was afraid that Ryusaki's generally depressive personalty would be too overbearing, and get in the way. I mean, yeah, I would, eventually, want players to understand why he's like that, but, still, the worry is that the reasons would not be understood at all.

Sorry, I didn't mean to get on that tangent. After all, the only thing I'm really thinking of doing with this game at this moment is making a few maps.


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Guardian Gorgon of the Description Thread
I've been chipping away at this again. I'm mostly happy with how Castle Gojo has turned out, so I've decided to go back, and figure out the maps for the Askigagan-Gojan border. Saying that, I haven't actually written any of the NPC dialogs for any of these regions yet, nor have I came up with any bright ideas as to what manner of challenge would await the party in the Temple of the Spirit.

Thinking back a bit, the idea I had for Legacy Reborn was to do the trial of spirit the very last trial, and to finagle it in such a way that the task attributed to that the trial essentially be the rest of that game. I clearly don't have that option with this game, but, the trial of the spirit should, somehow, test one's character. One's morals, to be more precise.

...Which somehow brings to surface the possibility of making the events of Chance Encounter be cannon, (though, maybe, slightly revised)? I dunno.

As a somewhat aside, I seriously doubt that I'll use the dueling system I coded for the RPGology thread. Well, okay, there might be one or two places where I might be use it for this game, but, for the most part, I'm probably going to stick with the default engine because I am lame and/or lazy.

*Edit: Reading some of my previous blogs for this game, there was talk of being able to switch protagonists. Call me slow (or an idiot), but, maybe, doing that might assuage some of the fears I've been having about this game. Or, rather, my fears about having players understand/sympathize with Ryusaki.

*Edit2: I think I might want to switch perspectives to be where the dream-sequences are planned. Or, rather, be a part of them? It might be neat to segue the Oracle's dream as a memory that Ryusaki is having.

*Edit3: Actually, it would probably make my life easier to stave off writing anything for the Ryusaki perspective until the main perspective is done.

Darigaaz, I'm right back where I started, aren't I?
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