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My name is Whittaker. Landon Whittaker, to be exact. I'm the Lieutenant-Colonel of the Tenth Squadron of Her Majesty's Royal Army. I was on a break one day and found this beautiful angel on a beach. Of course, being the skeptic I am, I didn't think to believe her childish tales of the "Golden Highway" or stories of meeting God. Even her plain-as-day angelic attributes were subject to my unyielding skepticism.

It wasn't long before my questions were answered, and in the most blunt of ways at times. I soon found myself questioning my allegiances in more than one way. See, this girl had a sharp mind. She soon realized something about the world I and our future traveling companions never even considered. With a few well-placed questions, we were international fugitives, running from an enemy we knew nothing and everything about, a system we had grown to enjoy, and a machine everyone was comfortable profiting from.

All this because I helped a girl on a beach.

Title card angel wings from Thy-Darkest-Hour

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