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Return to the land of Solest and guide a new group of heroes through the most shocking, devastating event in that world's history. Hundreds of years before the events of Master of the Wind, a fiery cataclysm ravages the world and leaves it nearly unrecognizable. Was it a natural disaster? Powerful magic? An act of the gods? Nobody knows, but those who survive must come to terms with a world remade.

In the midst of a pilgrimage to an ancient church which is sacred to the followers of the god Arcadius, a kobold named Rustek sees even more meaning in his journey after the Rain of Fire. In the chaos of that day, Rustek meets a young dark mage named Taraja. She is different from him in every way - age, race and religious loyalties. However, they will stick together and recruit a party of wandering loners who had their lives upended by the cataclysm. As the chaos subsides, a new and bizarre threat to Solest surfaces and the party realizes that the end of the old world could lead to a promising new one.

World Remade features an eclectic cast of characters (only two playable characters are human) with a wide range of abilities. These abilities will be showcased in an intricate battle system far removed from anything in our previous work. The post-apocalyptic storyline will be perfectly comprehensible for those new to Solest, but those who know the lore of Master of the Wind will see some familiar faces...although not the way they may expect!

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Story vs Combat Mode

After all the feedback I've gotten regarding the first release of World Remade, I've decided going forward to implement 2 modes. Instead of calling them Easy or Normal I'm going to go with the more recent approach and refer to them as "Story Mode" and "Combat Mode". Both are pretty self explanatory but I'll detail them quick.

Story Mode - Narrative focused. Features less encounters and weaker enemies.
Combat Mode - Gameplay focused. More encounters and stronger enemies.

In general I am going to review the balance of the first release since there have been a lot of criticisms about the encounters taking too long (monster HP too high) and there being too many encounters despite most of them being optional. But I think introducing the 2 modes should open the games up to more players. I know a lot of MotW fans enjoyed the story but were having difficulties with certain sections; mostly puzzles which are more or less optional in WR.

Also a change like this is pretty minor from a design perspective since combat mode will be the default mode and I just need to dial everything back for story mode.

What do you guys think? Should I frame the modes differently? Are there additional modes you'd like to see?


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Got any Dexreth amulets?
It's here?! Awesome! Subscribing right now. I'm very curious to see how "Project Kobold" is going to turn out. Good luck with this project.
I've changed the title to "World Remade" for now but I might just refer to the game as "Project Kobold" in blog posts. I have a feeling we'll be swapping names a few times before we settle on one.
I recently finished MotW and loved pretty much every minute of it. I can't wait to see this game get finished so we can understand more about Solest's history while playing a, most likely, awesome game.
Liberté, égalité, fraternité
History of Solest, well that's got to be a winner. I may have to replay MotW before it though just so I catch all the references.
I played the prologue for this and enjoyed it. Looking forward to the future expansions on this project as well!
Don't hate me cause I'm Cute :)
Damn, never finished MoW but this makes me go back and start again.
Rats, would have loved to help just so I could be the first to play:)
Thanks Linkis. Game should be going up in the next few hours so you won't have to wait much longer. Plus you'll get the much more polished version instead of the ugly warts and all early builds testers got :D
Don't hate me cause I'm Cute :)

What do you mean COMPLETE???????????

That's it?????????

You never said one word about a SHORT game.....

Get back to work!!!!!

Really? That's it for World Remade?? I have not finished yet, but am close...
Gotta fight that red you know what :)...is that really it or are you yanking our chain? :)

EDIT: ok, forget my prior rant:) Just read some other stuff, so hopefully this was in fact just a demo.

It was fun, yes. In the beginning felt like there was a lot of button mashing to get through the fights but got used to it, though not sure what would happen if the game was a lot longer.
Enjoyed the characters, as usual, the skeleton most :)
Action was good, monsters good...pretty much everything was good...but then what do I know:(

Guess I have to go back to MoW to get a little more skeleton action :)
There will be more, it's just that the build that we're using for the contest is completed.
Sorry I only got to playtest V 0.1, but I did play this version and it's a good demo as a whole. Art is good, Battle system is unique, and custom music is almost always a plus.

And you have Stoic playable, so it's already a win :D
Hey, just got done playing. I'm probably one of the few people on this site who hasn't played Master of Wind, so I thought maybe you'd like to hear an outsider's perspective.

-The battle system was a cool new riff on the RPG formula. It felt like smart strategies were consistently rewarded, and I never felt cheated.
-Conversely, the battles tended to feel pretty samey. The addition of combo attacks didn't really change my strategy, as the group hitting techniques weren't strong enough to justify using, as it made more sense to knock off the enemies one by one to avoid having enemies target one character. So, my strategy was the same for every fight, with some slight adjustments (e.g. brace and shield bash) on bosses. I think you guys just needed to spend some more time adding more twists on the battles. Battles also felt a bit long because of this and the number of identical/almost identical fights.
-The story was pretty shallow. It felt like it was a part of something larger, which it probably was, as evidenced by the unexplained rifts. The characters didn't really have arcs, but their personalities did come through, so I could see them all functioning in a larger narrative. As a standalone story, though, this one didn't really work. The villain was flat and evil for the sake of it, and the whole thing with Eric didn't hold any weight since Eric's past was hidden from the player (other than that short explanation via dialogue with Taraja).
-Likewise, the storytelling was done mostly through dialogue, which made it slog a bit for me. Combined with the slow battles, this made the game feel longer than it was.
-The mapping felt functional and did a good job of establishing the post-apocalyptic world.
-The music was a little simplistic for my ear, but it fit the scenes.

Overall, this game just felt too much like part of something rather than a standalone game. It's pretty clear that you guys like dense, fully realized lore, which some people really go for. The characters, though, felt like they could use a bit more events in the story to make them more kinetic.
Thanks for the feedback Housekeeping. It's true that this game was planned as a prologue for a larger game so I can see it not working as well as a standalone. We did try to establish some of the relevant lore in the game for those who hadn't played MotW which we assumed would be the majority of the people. But it's of course difficult to do when you have to balance story and gameplay in a hour long entry. Anyway hope you enjoyed it overall.
If anyone wants to be a tester for World Remade let me know and I'll add you to the testers list. You'll get access to a "Testers Only" page where I post early game builds not yet ready for public consumption and insider info on the game! Plus of course you'll get your name in the credits and a free copy of the commercial game when it's done! We'd be nothing without our testers.
I have been a huge RPG fan for years and the collection of games on this website are quite wonderful and truly unique! I would love to be a tester for World Remade and receive a full free commercial copy of the game when it is complete! So far the demo version is quite fun!!!
I have just finished it and first I must say I haven't played MOTW either (well actually I tried, but I abhor RPG puzzles so you can imagine I sadly didn't last long - incompatible tastes, really; I was kind of relieved to find none of those here).

I could make a review but honestly I'd give it a 3 or 3.5, and last time I did this to a commercial game, said game was pulled from the site, so I'll save myself the trouble and make a short comment on the points that merit your attention the most for future improvements.

The gameplay attempted some degree of originality that was pleasant at first (I really like seeing some twist on the RPG formula) but the intent was a bit defeated in the long run by the fact that very few variations in tactics are actually needed. The battles feel long rather than challenging - I much prefer battles that end rapidly provided you find a clever strategy that adapts to your enemy and to their previous actions. Here there are many, many battles with so little variation. I probably didn't do half of the optional ones.

The dialogue was generally rather good, although it tended to be a bit stilted at timed, with people enunciating their positions in very expository ways. Because of that, despite having a reasonable amount of dialogue for a comparatively short game, the characters felt somewhat one-sided, or progressing on very obvious arcs. For instance, I liked the occasional inklings that the lich might have a degree of humane concerns, but once again they were showcased very punctually and explicitly in text rather than interspersed subtly throughout all its interactions with the protagonists

Overall, I had some fun and was mildly intrigued, but in writerly terms, it feels like a draft rather than a finished product. Still a little uncertain of what to do with its good ideas, so it tends to dump them on the player in a rough state. I would really like to see it refined.
Thanks for the feedback. We don't plan on taking the game off the site anytime soon. In fact, this is the ideal time for this sort of thing since we're starting to get our bearings on what the full game will be like. Besides, everyone knows that when you get a review with a score you think is too low, you don't leave the site, you just get a friend to write a more positive one. ; )

About the characters, I see what you're saying and my only response would be that the three party members are all very engaged with the issues of their world. You could compare them to politically-minded friends who have no anxiety about discussing religious or race issues with strangers. In the full game, there will be other party members with different personalities and other concerns on their minds.

As for gameplay, we have a lot of ideas that we were not able to implement in time for the contest (even the combos barely got in there). AB's been posting some blog entries about what we hope to do so that should give you an idea of what the game might look like more refined. Thanks for playing!
The story seems interesting so far in that I want to know what happens next and what's up those rifts. I can't recall hearing about them in MotW, so they should be something new. The villain felt a bit weak though. MotW villains were pretty good at coming with arguments and counter arguments. This villain however barely even tried.

Combat was rather fun. I liked the battle system. Every battle is however the same (the only exceptions was whether or not there were enough physical attackers to warrant using Brace) which is fine for the beginning so you have time to learn, but it won't be for later on.

Taraja seems to have the weakest skillset. Shade got used 95% of the time.

The techs are physical, but Taraja has higher magic stat. Quick attack cannot miss, but neither can Shade. That it's convenient to finish of enemies with only a few HP left isn't really important. Once you killed one enemy, the danger is over and saving AP is no longer important. Shadow Cut ignores defense, but so does Shade. Shade doesn't (at least shouldn't) ignore magic defense, but against every enemy I tested the skills against, Shade was always the most cost effective.

She can revive, but Taraja is the frailest character, so if anyone kicks the bucket, it's likely she.

Darkness is in the demo at best a convenience. Battles are practically won as soon as you kill one enemy. Multi-target skills don't help towards that purpose. I can see multi-target skills getting more tactical use with some clever design though.

Rustek on the other hand, had a very good skill-set. All except Slash and Smite serve different purposes. I can however see even those two skills being good in different situations if battles becomes more involved. The fact that Rustek has equal physical and magical attack helps.

I'm having trouble with the cemetery riddle. Can you give me the solution?

I'm having trouble with the cemetery riddle. Can you give me the solution?

The answer is RUIN
So guys, um... is this game really just on hiatus or have you given up on it? Just kind of curious since it's been 2-3 years since the latest update.

Also, just thought I'd mention I was one of the testers. 8D (I think my nickname was Raiden while the Solest forums still existed. Yes, I'm still around after all these years.)
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