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Story vs Combat Mode

  • Stoic
  • 08/22/2014 04:54 PM
After all the feedback I've gotten regarding the first release of World Remade, I've decided going forward to implement 2 modes. Instead of calling them Easy or Normal I'm going to go with the more recent approach and refer to them as "Story Mode" and "Combat Mode". Both are pretty self explanatory but I'll detail them quick.

Story Mode - Narrative focused. Features less encounters and weaker enemies.
Combat Mode - Gameplay focused. More encounters and stronger enemies.

In general I am going to review the balance of the first release since there have been a lot of criticisms about the encounters taking too long (monster HP too high) and there being too many encounters despite most of them being optional. But I think introducing the 2 modes should open the games up to more players. I know a lot of MotW fans enjoyed the story but were having difficulties with certain sections; mostly puzzles which are more or less optional in WR.

Also a change like this is pretty minor from a design perspective since combat mode will be the default mode and I just need to dial everything back for story mode.

What do you guys think? Should I frame the modes differently? Are there additional modes you'd like to see?


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Got any Dexreth amulets?
That sounds like a fair compromise - although, if I'm completely honest, I'm not sure if the choice should be as binary as this. I, for instance, prefer few but intense battles, so my personal preference would be the "less encounters" from Story Mode combined with "stronger enemies" from "Combat Mode".
Of course, I'm just being picky right now. You asked for our opinions, so I wanted to express my personal view, too. But either way, it's great that you want to make the game more accessible for players with different tastes, even if it will cost you additional time and effort. So I'd say by all means do implement those different modes, please.
Maybe I can have a Custom Mode? Then you could tick which options you'd like. Weaker enemies or less encounters or both. That might be interesting. I'm sure I could think of other gameplay option as well.

Thanks NS :)
This may sound silly or irrelevant, but if you are trying to get both casual and hardcore sides of gamers to play and if this is totally possible than this might help.

It seems that you choose the difficulty right before playing the game, which makes sense, what if players had the ability in certain 'Safe Zones' (Towns or maybe through fairies) to switch between the two modes. In that case people who play Story who finds things to easy can switch part way through game and vice versa... just a thought.
Less encounters combined with stronger enemies would make the game even harder since you get less exp, unless less encounters also gives out more exp per encounter to compensate. On the other hand, even harder may be what people who prefer less, but stronger encounters, want.

Either way, being able to customize your difficulty sounds like a great idea.
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