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There are eight main characters, each with his or her own chapter.

The focus in this game is the story and it's characters, the development and fall of the people trapped within the Black Rose Orphanage as they fight for control over their nightmares in addition to the many threats that the Black Rose Orphanage has prepared for them.

As in any good games of this type, we have no weapons for defence, the only way to escape is to run until you find a shelter or seek to sow our tracker.

A survival horror fairytale

Joseph Walker: A 26-year-old man tormented by visions and voices, that whisper the same words always: "Come back with us, Oh! lonely prince..."

The fairy tale is divided into several chapters, each of them with their specific characters and enemies. This fairytale has a dark and sinister atmosphere in conjunction with disturbing sounds and music, in order to create the most intense experience possible... and, of course, a lot of deadly traps.
There are: puzzle elements, 3 different endings and a lot of jumpscares.


Joseph can’t fight the enemy directly, so you must use the surrounding environment to escape or hide from your enemies, and when the time comes, you must fight them in a specific place.

"Pursuit Mode" and "Physical Stamina Meter"
There are two types of enemies in this fairy tale. Both of them will activate the "Pursuit Mode", a mode that forces you to escape from your enemy or they will catch and kill you.
During this mode the "Physical Stamina Meter" should be your top priority. During the "Pursuit Mode", your endurance will decrease rapidly, causing Joseph's speed to decline, and forcing him to enter into a recovery state. During this short period of time, Joseph can’t move, so you will become an easy target for your persecutors.

"Stalker Mode", "Predator Mode"
In "Stalker Mode", the enemy will follow you for a certain period of time. It is also much easier escape or hide from him, however, this doesn’t mean that the enemy can’t catch you. On the other hand, in "Predator mode", the enemy will follow you until he catches you, so hiding from it will be useless. However, this mode applies only to enemies like bosses.

"Mental Health Meter"
The game's UI shows a meter for Joseph's mental health that will be affected with almost every action you make during the course of the story. If this meter reaches zero, you will die.

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I really love these ideas you have with the enemy modes. This sounds like it would be a lot of fun to play. :3
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