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The working beta version of the game is ready for download. For comments and suggestions feel free to contact me, undwight at yahoo.com.

Download the game: Lost and Frigid or just click the image above.
Download the game! 45MB

Alt+Enter - Fullscreen
Esc button - menu
Arrow Keys - Player movement
Space Bar - Action key


Advance Message Script, Dubealex
Star Ocean Style Shop, Hawk-McKain
Golden Sun Intro, AZZY9

Dwight Delleva
Game Baker
Mutation Games Simulation

David Rubenstein
Dwight Delleva
Kevin Newman (Separate Minigames)
TAM Music Factory
Vic Sagerquist

Demystifying the Game Process, Ccoa
Distributing your RMXP game, Ccoa
Fishing System, xXDarkDragonXx
Unlocking the Power of Fog, Fooflex
How to do Interior Doors with Walls Around Them, Dubealex
Mapping Tutorials, Cos
Old School Cinematics, Godsend Productions

Dennis Delleva
Kent Compa

Story Introduction:

The famous Black Tragedy happened several years ago when Leonardh, the king of Lone Debris was still a child. He was taken to the Lone Museum for safety. King Leonradh survived the tragedy as he told Frigid. The Tragedy is happening again. The evil king with his right hand Ludi from the east kingdom, Gralundo ignited the war. He ordered his Servants of Fire, the Phoenixes to annihilate the people of Claino Entrania, the location of the last portal, the only entrance to other galaxies where life is present.

Before Frigid joined the war on Claino, he was living on earth with his parents. Mr. Sig and Mrs. Fir, the couple who were not blessed with a child loved Frigid as their own true son. Frigid was abandoned in the forest and was found by Sig when he was still a baby, one cold and windy night before the first snowfall of winter. Fir heard Frigid's cry from the forest. Sig followed the cry leading his way to a baby. Mrs. Fir died when he was eleven years old and her husband took care of him. Frigid never knew that he was an adopted son. His fate and the truth forever change after the appearance of Blue jay and the death of his father.

Game Overview:
Frigid Games' Lost and Frigid, a classic-style Role Playing Game created by Dwight Delleva. The game follows the adventures of Frigid starting from the celebration of the Wine Season in Woodville when Frigid was asked by his father to bring home six bottles of wine. After acquiring the bottles, Frigid went home to see his father and they both went to Woodville to celebrate the occasion. The dancers were performing when one of them confronted Sig and killed him. The dancer was actually Hornus in disguise. After the incident, Frigid was lonely but continued his life. After leaving the Mystical Island, Frigid found a letter near her mother's bed stating that he was their adopted son. Frigid was angry but could not complain. He went to Lone Debris and stayed on earth after the war.


Arousing Cut-scenes
Creatively Mapped Environments
Easy Fishing System
Various Side-quests
Special Character Moves

Playable Characters' Information:

Complete Name: Frigid Fulcrom
Race: Earthian
Class: Thief/Animal Hunter
Age: 20
Sex: Male
Location: Woodville
Frigid is the main game character. Frigid has no distinct job and was a good son to his father, Mr. Sig. Frigid with Tnagele retrieved the golden cross of the church of Woodville. The golden cross was lost after an earthquake. A pirate stole it and his ghost trapped in the Mystical Island lead Frigid to his treasure location. Frigid's life was sad and all bitter but with the persons he met from his journeys, Frigid formed a family.

Complete Name: Tnagele Dulcet
Race: Earthian
Class: Mage
Age: 18
Sex: Female
Location: Woodville

Frigid's friend. Frigid realized later that he was actually falling in-love with his friend. Tnagele is a cheerful young lady living in Woodville and owns a shop. The only seller in Woodville of Mr. Block Smith's wines every Wine Season.

Complete Name: Nestor Smith
Race: Earthian
Class: Warrior
Age: 28
Sex: Male
Location: Mt. Cambalatong

Nestor was an orphan staying in Thrice Valenia. Mr. Block Smith met Nestor in the Port Town, sick and was begging for food. The kind-hearted man brought him to his house. Nestor grew up with Mr. Block Smith as his father. Nestor grows up as a very strong man. He attends their wine whenever Mr. Block Smith is out for business.

Complete Name: Sebastian Gidoet
Race: Earthian
Class: Lancer
Age: 25
Sex: Male
Location: Trice Valenia

The son of Lady Valenia living in Sea Port'al before it was renamed Thrice Valenia. Sebastian is a quiet person. The cursed Mystical Island was never seen after the Lady Valenia was buried there a few days later. Sebastian wanted to visit the graveyard of his mother.

Complete Name: Sig Fulcrom
Race: Earthian
Class: Hunter
Age: 45
Sex: Male
Location: Woodville

The father of Frigid. He was killed by Hornus during the celebration of Wine Season.

Complete Name: Unknown
Race: Earthian
Class: Pet
Age: Unknown
Sex: Female
Location: Grape Bunny Tree

Aside from Frigid's desire to have a Blue jay, he met a Bluke inside the Grape Bunny Tree. Bluke is a cuddly blue colored creature that became a pet of Frigid.



Frigid's starting point after going inside the Forbidden Forest in search for a Blue jay. Frigid's bed restores complete life. Sig's bed also restores complete life when Sig is played.

Forbidden Forest

The forest is a spooky place where ghosts haunt every hour of the day. The location of the ruins where the wine barrels of Mr. Block Smith can be found. In the lower area of the forest is a mysterious tombstone. Under the tombstone is a portal that connects Earth to Lone Debris. A graveyard is located in the northeast of the forest where some Gingerfingers can be found growing.


A town located east from Frigid's house. The town mayor is Rofel Blojabo. Tnagele, a friend of Frigid owns a shop here. Tnagele sells Mr. Block Smith's wine. The primary business in Woodville is selling wood and coal lead by two competitors, Danny and Yelnats. A yearly celebration of the Wine Season is held with the preparation of Liana's Hair and wines in every home.

Mt. Cambalatong

Mr. Sneek's Pet Shop and the house of Mr. Block Smith, the wine dealer is located in Mt. Cambalatong. The mountain is a very peaceful place where people could only hear the strong winds blowing and the flowing river of the waterfall. The Thieves' Den is located west from the waterfall. The mountain top was the area where Frigid's father was burried after he was killed by Hornus during the celebration of the Wine Season.

Church of Woodville

The church of Woodville was destroyed by an earthquake and was rebuilt again. The legendary Golden Cross of the church was gone after the earthquake. A boy died in the church during the earthquake and his mother cursed Lady Valenia concluding that she was the cause of her son's death although the boy died because of the earthquake when the Golden Cross fell down on his chest.

Grape Bunny Tree

The Grape Bunny Tree is a giant tree where rare green bunnies are dwelling inside the lowest area of the tree. Various fruit trees surround the tree. Grapevines are also plentiful. Birds, bees and other creatures inhabited the tree. Fruits are always dropping. Some mushrooms can be eaten and nearby fruits can be picked.

Thrice Valenia

Thrice Valenia is a port town located below Woodville. Before the town was renamed, the place is called Sea Port'al. The place was once well-known for producing rice managed by the land lady Valenia. The name of the port Thrice Valenia was derived from "The Rice of Valenia". The inn is closed in the evening due to the appearance of Night Thieves. A market where various goods can be bought is located beside the inn. The primary business of the town people are selling fishes. The famous fish of Thrice is Betta. A farm is located northeast and a water cave southeast from the town.


The seaside area is the open-sea below Thrice Valenia. The sea in inhabited by jumping sea creatures called Whirlies (plural form of a whirly). Mini-caves are plenty along the rocks of the sea.

Mystical Island

The Mystical Island is a haunted island where the Lady Valenia was buried. The island was lost in the map few days later after Valenia was buried. Coconut trees surround the island. The spirits of persons who died in the sea are trapped in the island. Whirlpools encircle the island. The Mystical Island appears only by chance. The island also appears during low tide but on someone's blink of an eye, the island disappears.


Lost and Frigid comes with few extra add-ons to make the game more interesting such as mini-games including the Boat Ride and the Quickrot Ride. A fishing system is also present where players can buy three different fishing rods used with various lures.

Boat Ride Mini-game

Download the Boat Ride mini-game here!

Quickrot Ride Mini-game

Download the Quikrot Ride mini-game here!


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