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Pretty broken

  • Mewd
  • 06/20/2007 01:20 AM
It's probably not a great idea to review a beta like this, but it also doesn't seem like a great idea to have a public beta if your private bug testers haven't been very thorough.

Lost and Frigid is pretty incomprehensible. I'm fairly confident that this game was translated from another language, as the dialogue is garbled and full of grammatical errors. It's tolerable since it has a Engrish appeal to it.

The entire introduction could have been cut without any significant loss of story comprehension. It really only made me more confused than if it had just opened with Frigid waking up.

The map designs are probably the highlight of the game. They're appealing and well done. The game made interesting use of the RTP, and made a tree dungeon by combining the forest and cave tilesets. The music selection was pretty nice, whimsical. The whole game, after the introduction anyway, seems to breathe with a light heart which is nice. So it's weird when the game turns a dark turn in spots. The hole in the tree was funny, but seemed REALLY cruel design.

The game, as far as I was able to play, was NOTHING but fetch quests. I had to put my face into my palms after, having marched up a mountain to get a cage to capture a blue jay, I am required to find some green bunnies. But to FIND the green bunnies, I need to find some special grass to attract them. And to find the grass, I have to bring this NPC an EGG. To get the egg, I have to climb a tree, find a bird's nest, then find SIX eggs in exchange for one. These errands just get ridiculous, compounded by having optional quests to fill out for minor rewards. The plot to the game, assuming there is one, hasn't even gotten started.

On my way to get the grass, the game grinds to a halt and becomings unplayable. The maps have a lot of really glaring problems and I simply can't proceed with the game because the cave along the path doesn't have a functioning event. Since the game is encrypted, that's effectively the end of the beta. (Assuming there is more to see)

The game has no balance. You start out at level 99, presumably for tests purposes. But still, there is no need to acquire potions when they barely recover enough HP to bother using. With no EXP ramp, there is no reason to participate in fights at all, unless they are inescapable. You can get an additional party member, but they start out at level 1 and are useless against the monsters anyhow.

I could be being too harsh on the game. It does show some promise. While there was no driving force yet, the tree level was very interesting. The game world was non-nonsensical, but at least endearingly whimsical.

Obviously, it has a lot of kinks to iron out. But if they DO get ironed out, the game stands to be enjoyably off beat.