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My very first game, built using RPG Maker VX Ace. Built upon the foundations of “RPG Maker VX Ace Beginners Guide” by Kelsper.

Ring of Udrai: Elite Edition contains 4 to 5 hours of game play, custom animated pixel art cut scenes and a carefully crafted story to keep the player entertained and intrigued.

If you are looking for a mysterious adventure packed with humours and engaging dialogue then Ring of Udrai: Elite Edition might just be what you're looking for.

Story synopsis:

Two mercenaries running an escort mission run into a terrible storm and are washed up onto the shores of an island known as Easthaven. They soon discover that being stranded is hardly the only thing to worry about as something is very wrong on this little island and it's up to them to make things right.

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Cant find how to have someone vouch for me. I am guessing he gives me the diamond saw or whatever it is.
Also all the party members are Cedo when you go to the subscreen.
You have to find someone that Hargraves knows near by. You just need to look around town.

The reason all the party members have the Cedo sprite is to avoid the awkward moment the party formation is changed and Cedo gets a sex change ;)

Not a perfect fix but it works.

P.S Thank you for playing! Hope you're having fun :)
I am sure I have talked to everyone. The old man snoring is suspect but he wont wake up.
How does cedos special move the aural thunder (?) work? It seems to just take over and he hits automatically. You cant contol him.
The person you are looking for is in Tarrin. If you have explored tarrin already then you were given clues as to someone living there.

Thunder Cry makes Cedo do a lot more damage but you are no longer able to control who he attacks until the buff has faded.
Tarrin...im not sure...is that the town Ive been running around in...if not I cant get through the mine because of tjhose green rocks I cant cut down. plus in the cave theres a place i need to jump over but its too deep.

Look inside the Inn in Tarrin on the first floor.
Ok thanks. Good game.
At he end there should have been a chance to save between battles and time to recuperate. Zeebo died and I hadnt seen a potion to bring back to life in the store...which only means I missed it somehow. I fought the last two battles without him.
At the very end when Zeebo shows up and the game ends...at that point there should have been a chance to save but it goes right into the end.
The steal wasnt worth using since it only always got a few dollars....a very few.

Looking forward to tne next part.
Thanks :)

When you are about to do the last fights you are healed by eddy and then asked to save. That should revive Zeebo and if you saved then if things went really bad you could always restart the end fights.

As for the way the very end doesn't offer a chance to save, that is mainly because the game is over and there is nothing to do apart from sail away at the end. Can I ask why you would want to save right at the very end just after the last scene and before the end credits?

The steal option also has a chance to get items. It depends on luck, it's more of a funny utility attack than anything else. Zeebo is extremely powerful if you get him all the gear upgrades.
For some reason Eddy didnt do any healing or reviving Zeebo.

I guess I wanted that ability to save because I am hoping your next demo will allow save files from this game.
I will need to look into that. How did Zeebo die? there isn't really anything that dangerous prior to the final boss fights. And I added a few magic water to regen mana for healing as you make your way through. Also a Life hack guide states that lvl 7 in the max lvl so you can escape from fights that are unnecessary towards the end to save your parties strength.
I did escape a lot and he was lv7 like the others. One of those bosses in a row hit him several times in a row. Remeber the poisonous snake that has the CHOMP bit and hits everyone twice? One of the bosses did this to him and just went toes up
Very good game. I really liked the character interactions, lol. I mostly tried to avoid using the protagonists ultimate unless absolutely necessary because I suspected it would be too easy with it. Though honestly I didnt like the level cap, since upon hitting it I had to run from every battle in the final area because there was absolutely no point to battles when you hit the cap. Overall the game was pretty good, and I didnt know it was based off a tutorial until after I finished it lol. Great job.
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