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Act 2 resuming development, new system for clues, and Itch.io

First off, I've put the game up on itch.io! Perspective is ultimately going to be free of course, but I put it up there in case some might be generous enough to donate. It would help immensely and be very appreciated. Here's the link. I might plan some kind of reward for those who donate, maybe extras. Hmmmm...

Resuming Development
On to other news! I've gotten back to this project, and I'm getting back to working on the mapping of my four levels. I was going to wait until all four were mapped and show them as progress, but it's taking longer then I'd hoped. One is done, but I need to move on to the next ones. Other than mapping, I've got some character graphics to edit, but I also recently have a change coming with act 2 in terms of clues.

New Evented Conditions for Clues
I always knew using regions would be the way to go(since I'm just an eventer), but had not figured out how to use them in VXACE. I knew them in vx but for some reason didn't find them in ACE. But I looked back into it and found it to be a great way to make sure the player is standing near the clue in order for it to appear. I can also track to make sure they have seen hints to where to find a clue before they can find said clue. This will be an interesting tool to make sure players aren't randomly happening upon these clues, and I can force them to deduce where they should find the clues instead. However, I'll be careful with this, especially with what I just mentioned: making sure they have seen hints first. This would be confusing to a player who already knows about the clue and just wants to find it. So I can only add this condition in certain circumstances. Act 1's level won't be changed much, but these next act 2 levels will!

I still don't have a way to allow fast forwarding and rewinding. That's a little too intense for my skills. That would be a feature in a remake, when I can work with a programmer to set that up. But ah well. That's what's new with Perspective! Again, if you like my work and can donate a dollar in support, I'll be very thankful!


Release Something Plans

I'm on spring break, so I've got a great opportunity to take advantage of the release something event. While I'm personally focusing on my second project(which I have not made a game page for yet at the time of writing this), Seiromem will finally sit down and finish the mapping of the first level, the Savel level, for this game. That way, I can start focusing on making a level for Act 2 completely.

Seiromem has got that project he's trying to finish(the Castle Masterpiece set), but he's 90% done with the map of the Savel memory, so that'll come for Release Something, definitely. As for my second project: it's an rpg that I'll be using to experiment with my battle system that I'm custom making. Although, I'm keeping the scale lower than I otherwise might. Which reminds me.

As for Perspective, I'm going to be re-assessing the future acts of this game and making the narrative more soundly tied together. I originally planned five total acts assuming I'd leave room for content after content. Since I didn't see myself having a sequel after the end of the events of Amelia's story(which I have planned already), I thought I'd stall the end of it with a ton of levels and stuff. I'm going to reduce the size of this narrative as much as I can. Maybe down to three acts. We'll see. There will be a change, since drawing it out feels like it's weakening the story. Anyway, expect an update later this week.

Progress Report

Progress Update on Act 2

So I have three screenshots to share first. I've already shown the Savel memory cast, one of the levels of act 2, and that image is in Images on this game page. The other three levels have their basic casts uhh... casted? The character graphics have been made. There are some special cases I still need to customize graphically, but here are the majority of characters. Again, no context on who they are! I group them according to their roles, however.

Amalasuintha Memory:

Lisbit Memory:

Pirate Island Memory:

These aren't the actual maps, that's the next step. But I displayed the main cast of each memory! I set them up like this to help my thinking, but anyway, my goal with this act: establish the setting, and more than that, give some great examples of what the world's like. My main goal with Perspective is to dish out this awesome gameplay concept, but also to have my first game in a world that I've based all of my game concepts in. This is just the first one, of course, and my first imagining of the "attribute" world idea.

So I have been noticing the development to have a step-by-step way of doing it. First step was basic planning, then the step after that would be character graphic work. Now we're on the mapping step. I've got one level almost fully mapped. Seiromem will be finishing it, as well as working on the other three!

Afterward is a lot of writing and level design work(it'll be my little hobby during my spring semester at college). The intro is already pretty much ready, and so is my tiny revision of act 1(on second thought, I'm gonna glance back and decide if I'm truly ready to move on from it.). Finally, after the levels are complete, I mesh them together with some narrative design work, make a conclusion to act 2, and bam! This act is gonna be huge. I'll talk about the levels themselves more next time, but as for the cast, how about a couple details!

The Savel cast I posted not too long ago has bandits, smugglers, crime bosses, all kinds of roles. I'll hide them and let them read them at your leisure, just look to the images to know what these are talking about. If you don't feel like being confused by how I describe them, it's perfectly mandatory optional to look.

Pirate Island Cast:
Specifically, looking at the pirate island memory, the bottom 6 are pirates(that perhaps are WIP, I might add a little customization). The four above them are hunters. The girl with the wings? I custom made the dress part, she's the Spirit of Harm ;). The four above and near her are adventurers, and to their left are the main characters of the memory. The patient and her two friends. Finally, the top two are special, ones a fisherman, the other a island supplier.

Lisbit Cast:
Looking at the Lisbit cast, starting from the top. Those 8 are high-level scientists, the 8 below them being low-level. In that middle square of people, bottom row? The first 4 are the patient and his friends. The other three in that row are miners. In the bottom right of the entire image, the top 3 are the lead scientists, the bottom three are medical doctors. In the bottom left of the entire image, the top 3 are engineers, and the bottom 3 janitors.

Amalasuintha Cast:
The top 10 are citizens. Below them and from the left, there are: 3 New Valorious Guards, 3 Social Cultists, the patients of the memory, and the spirit of the level. Finally, the very bottom 6 are refugees.

So yep! That's that so far in progress on the game!

Game Design

Development Starts Back Up!

With the semester ending, I've begun work on Perspective once again! And I'm excited to get back to it! I've got some great ideas to make it better. The semester ending means I have a whole month of free time before next semester, so I plan on doing ALOT of work on Perspective. First, status on act 2... sorry, but work on that will be postponed. I'm going back to act 1 first. Here's the plan: introduce some new ideas to act 1, revamp it to be the way I wanted it, changes in both design and writing, and then go back to act 2. I hope to have time over break to work on act 2, but fear not. Act 1 is being changed quite a bit. SO! I'm going to break it down for you!

New Intro/Tutorial

The best part of act 1 was the main level. The part after that was a step better than the intro, with more thought put into it. However, the intro to act 1 is tricky. First, there was a word wall, and now there still is an "eh" mini-level to introduce you to things. I've got plans for this! First, I'm gonna scrap the mini-tutorial and instead teach the player through the main level, by those pop-up messages. That way, the tutorial won't be a wall for the player.
So, the intro would consist of intro scenes, throwing you into your first level to help develop characters and the world.

Then, I'm gonna look at the writing goals for act 1, and revise and edit the crap out of this to get what I want from it. I'm building act 1 as if I didn't have a scope change watering it down.

Level+Conclusion Work

The conclusion is going to be less a cliffhanger, and more a "this is a new plot development... welp, time for the next act!", which means that I'm releasing act 1's new version with act 2 along with it. As for the level? I'm going to look at it, writing-wise. See how it fits in the grand scheme of theme, and spruce it up. Maybe even insert Mr. Pharell and Evelyn, give them more of a beginning and development, AND include new ideas for the level.

1) Random Outcomes - A big thing I want to do is improve replayability. So, how about some parts of the mystery that are randomized? It would be different the next time you play, thus, having to still think about what's happening.
2) Dead-Ends - Clues that won't lead you anywhere but astray.

Act 2 work will continue after all of this, on the level prep for act 2. I'll be able to continue work!

And that's it, that's what's happening now!


A Modern Puzzle(Breaks and why they're helpful)

Blog! I've just received my participation prize, picked a tileset with the free money. Inspired by this tileset as well as a soundtrack I got a while ago, I've started a game! A narrative-focused game with a player-tailored narrative, similar in style to TellTalle Games stuff. It's called "A Modern Puzzle", with five episodes.

It's a short side project I'm working on for fun, it's starting to feel really impressive. But enough about that! What about Perspective?

As for Perspective, I'm saving my energy for thanksgiving break. When I get home from college for that break, I'll be getting back to prep for the levels. Even after the break I'll continue to touch it up in this area and begin writing! That's because winter break is a couple weeks after that break... it's a month long(break between semesters) so expect me to develop the next act like crazy! I expect it to be fully written and the levels to be close to done by the end of that break! I'm aiming for a January release of Act 2 of Perspective. For now, I don't want to pick it back up until that break. College is more important. However, my free time before that break will be spent on this other small project I have. It's a personal journey for me, expect a game page whenever I have most of it done.(Who knows).

I feel like January is a long way from now... a lot of things I have to do take a lot of my time, and I got to fit the best enjoyment somewhere(I'm having more fun with A Modern Puzzle and playing a game or two then working on Perspective honestly).

Either way, that's what's gonna happen to Perspective!

Progress Report

Sophomore Cliff, Current Predicament

Alright, time to update the gamepage!

So to start, I've been in college for a while now. My weekend work is to finish a 3D model of metal snips in maya, write a seven page paper, prototype a Turn-Based Strategy game designed for the hardcore audience that for some reason wants a quick, no more than 15 minute fix on mobile devices, and program a vertical shooter in flash.

:') but it's ok, I still have time for Perspective.

Hah, not really. For this weekend anyway, but here soon I plan on using free time to finally finish prep on ONE level. I've got social life to take care of as well, some issues there.

There's this thing called the "Sophomore Cliff" here where designers tend to jump off first semester of sophomore year. I won't though! It's just... ow, it's just owwww.

So what I have to do to finish prep on this level:
  • Mapping

  • Character Graphics

Exterior is pretty much done, just needs some good minor details. Then I need to do interiors. As for character graphics, I've got half of them done. Almost.

I've been having a lot of trouble finding time for anything, as my priorities unconsciously are:

1: Social Life
2: Town of Salem
3: College Work
4: Side Projects

So that's what's currently going on. Continue to not expect too much progress, as I'm very busy now. (Who makes a poor game designer 3D model a real life object. I mean, they want it to be PERFECT!!! I'm not an artist! Agh!)


Going back to College Soon, Act 1(Kinda Act 2) beta, Two Projects Now

I'll start off by acknowledging the beta release. You'll be able to see a new and improved act 1 and the second version of Act 2's intro. The first version lacked some scenes. It's beta, because I have a gut feeling there is more to work on. So any feedback will help me get it to where I want it to be before I worry more about act 2.

That brings me to the first project: Preparation for Act 2's levels. I hit the Savel one hard, but hit a snag with graphics. I'm trying to add in more modern guards, to illustrate the ever-evolving and inventive world. Things are being introduced constantly, from new guard uniforms to even hair dye. This world invents new things at a different pace, due to the attributes. I'm adding my own touches to characters, which is a bit difficult. More than just generating, of course. The entire exterior portion of the map is complete, except a few details in the environment. Interior work is next, inside of buildings, the ruin, that stuff.

As for my second project, I'm working on the battle system for Seamus. Well, for the fundamental RPGology contest. My RPG game concept is my Seamus series, with a larger focus on writing then design, at first. Now I'm going in more design oriented directions, making my own custom battle system. This contest is a good way to get a prototype of the system done!

Finally, I'm going to college. Sophomore year. Less than two weeks, and I'm getting anxious. My life seems to have more... happen while I'm there. My life advances. It's exciting. I have so much to do, I doubt act 2 preparation will be done by then, especially because of the new contest. However, work will still go on for the games. It's a great portfolio builder, doing this! I can definitely finish prep for one level and finish the battle system before I go. Either way, it's happening soon. It'll affect development, but this isn't a simple hobby for me. It's experience and stuff. I might even get a team together when I go back, who knows!

To keep the progress here:

Act 1: 95%
I'm mostly confident with it. No doubt, I'll keep watch over it while I work on act 2.

Act 2 Intro: 100%
I'm pretty happy with it! If there are any issues with transition between acts, however, I might change it up a bit but still!

Act 2 Prep:
  • Mapping

  • Character Graphics

Savel Level: 50%
Amalasuintha Level: 0%
Lisbit Level: 0%
Pirate Island Level: 0%

Working On:
  • Savel Cast

  • Battle System Prototype

Progress Report

Main Extended Edition Act 1+Act 2 Progress Blog

Alright so I'm doing a blog post here that will contain progress on all of my work for Acts 1 and 2. If I want further updates to notify you all I'll just post on this one. Having a more organized spot to update will help me greatly, of course. Check back every couple of days at the earliest if you actually want to see change frequently. I will no doubt have updated this within a couple of days and at a time, it's how I work. Micro-Updates. Oh man.

Act 1 Progress
A major rewrite was done, and I've come to the realization that the writing is only as good as the length for this particular act. If I want to improve the writing even further, act 2 will be the place to do it. Either way, I'm working on the design now. There was plenty of it to go over, such as more guidance from Mr. Pharell's gab windows in the tutorial(there wasn't enough this time :P), and more information conveyed during the level.

Act 2 Progress
Working on the intro and level preparation.
Goal: By August 23rd
Intro: 90%
  • Main Cast Graphics Completed

  • Mapping Completed

  • Intro Planned

  • First Draft Completed

  • Wrote in a few small scenes

  • Second Draft Completed

Office Hub Set-Up: 25%
  • Hub Prepared, Just needs Interactions. Waiting a bit before doing that.

Level Preparation
  • Mapping

  • Cast Character Graphics

Level: Savel Market Town: 50%
Level: Lisbit Attribute Research Facility: 0%
Level: Amalasuintha Abandoned Docktown: 0%
Level: Pirate Islands' Hunter's Isle: 0%

  • Levels' Settings and Cast Planned

Working On:
  • Savel Level Cast Graphics and Mapping

  • Revising Act 2 Intro Dialogue

So there, I'll update this blog as I work, and post when significant progress has been made. There, I like this set-up better :P.(Oh, also, I'm writing screenplays for a combination of movies and TV show episodes depicting the Mass Effect series... as a hobby, of course. :P)

Progress Report

Act 1 Complete(Release?), Working on Act 2(Updated)

So act 1 was finished in terms of revision. I went through, added plenty of dialogue to the level to fill in some gaps. The intro tutorial is no longer so wordy, and I rewrote plenty of dialogue there. I still hope to add one thing: something to tell the player they have found all the stages that can be found in the level. Other than that, I'm moving onto Act 2 as well as working on my entry to the RPGology contest.

Update: (Ok, I'm still working on Act 1 but now I consider myself working on both acts right now. Making act 2 great while making sure act 1 is the same level of quality.)

My tester is experience testing, to see how the writing is now. I know I've always thought I'd be releasing the revised Act 1 along with Act 2, but I'm wondering if I should get that Act 1 revision out there. Because I'm always afraid someone will dislike the writing of the contest version and never play the extended edition. So a release of Act 1 could come out soon, meaning I'd need the save transferring to work. I've thought that all I had to do was leave that black screen with the save option at the end, and then when I release the 2nd act someone could just move the save file. Because each act would include the others behind it, therefore you can continue to the next act by loading the save file, and being back at that "continue to next act" screen. I have not tested that just in case, so I don't know yet. Hmmm...

Anyway, as for Act 2, I'm now preparing the resources: mapping and character generating. Then I'll be writing and designing for awhile. I'm excited to finally put the pen down on act 1 and start act 2!

Progress Report

Progress on Act 1, Act 2 Plans, New Gamepage?

Things Completed in Act 1
I've finished work on rewriting dialogue and making that tutorial more quick and understandable. More livable. The intro scenes are pretty much done! The changes show Amelia's motivations a bit more, add some character to the three main cast and more meaning to completing Mr. Anglow's memory. The tutorial literally will make it so Mr. Pharell says two things, "hey, crystals represent clues. The door leads to the memory map" and then there are a couple things as the player plays the tutorial that won't really interrupt the player, but provide a couple tidbits (through gab windows).

What's left for Act 1
My next steps for Act 1 are to go back to the level and look for places I can improve. I'm going to list out each conversation of each stage, and each character's path, and decide what to do from there. Change a dialogue here, spruce one up there, add some movement. That sort of thing. There needs to be more life to the characters, so if there's a character left alone and standing there for a reason, they can have some sort actions... maybe a balloon or pacing. I just tried and editing them graphically to, say, foot-tap is really hard. I don't have the skills for that :P...

Then I just need to edit the conclusion scenes a little bit to fit the changes, and then I can continue on to Act 2! Once Act 1 is all revised I'm still gonna do an "overall" look at it and touch it up if need be.

Act 2 Plans

The cast of each level in Act 2 as well as each level's map is laid out. When I return to Act 2 I need to create the character graphics and do the mapping. Then I'll prepare the Intro scenes of act 2, and do whatever needs to done there. Then I put the levels together with the design and writing necessary. I'll do the best I can with the Celianna tileset and whatever free music I can continue to find(maybe get a composer if I get any extra money). Then the conclusion scenes, and then I plan on releasing Act 1 and Act 2 of the extended edition at the same time. This brings up something I've been thinking about:

New Gamepage?
Seeing as this is a whole new game separate from the contest version, with 4+ acts, I need to decide if there should be a separate gamepage for the extended edition. It's so different and with a review and feedback all based on Act 1 as a standalone, it'll get confusing with new acts. So, should I have a new gamepage? I need to decide this for the extended edition.

Also, the collectible room. It's now going to be the "Achievement Room", where you'll have crystals representing achievements and not spouting lore at you. This change will see some differences in terms of achieving them as well. Instead of just collectibles, you'll gain some through completion, Act 2 additions such as side-quests. A room dedicated to your achievements!
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