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Perspective Download Coming Soon

Alright, I'm in the midst of the conclusion's rewrite. I'll make sure it's how I want it, but I'm looking at releasing it today! For my subscribers you'll be expecting a notice stating my download is up of course. But if you're not subsribed, the download will probably be up in a few hours + the time it takes to prepare the download after this blog is posted. I'm now excited to get it out there, this rewrite makes me feel safe enough to have it out in public. I'm just adding scenes and rewriting dialogue before I release it!

Edit: I had to take a break, so expect the download tomorrow. I started getting sloppy hurrying to get it done. I'll sleep and finish it off and release the download!

Game Time
The game seems to be a little over an hour long. Most save files seem to go to about 1 hour and 20 minutes but I'm adding scenes so that's more game time of course.

When you do play the game, be sure to go to my feedback page and answer my questions! You'll be able to play it soon! After playing, I'd just like to know how the narrative and level hold up. I will change what's necessary in preparation of the contest, but this is basically the final version!


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I'm back to work on the conclusion, expect the download sometime today. Sorry if anybody missed the fact I was taking a quick break to sleep :p. I was getting tired and like I've told Seiromem, I get sloppy as it's getting late. Explains why I forgot to leave a comment rather then just making a status(thanks Liberty :p)
G'luck man! Take your time to make the best conclusion you can, eh?

I literally dreamed about playing your game this morning so I gotta say I'm pretty eager to see how it actually turns out though =P
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