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Act 1 Complete(Release?), Working on Act 2(Updated)

So act 1 was finished in terms of revision. I went through, added plenty of dialogue to the level to fill in some gaps. The intro tutorial is no longer so wordy, and I rewrote plenty of dialogue there. I still hope to add one thing: something to tell the player they have found all the stages that can be found in the level. Other than that, I'm moving onto Act 2 as well as working on my entry to the RPGology contest.

Update: (Ok, I'm still working on Act 1 but now I consider myself working on both acts right now. Making act 2 great while making sure act 1 is the same level of quality.)

My tester is experience testing, to see how the writing is now. I know I've always thought I'd be releasing the revised Act 1 along with Act 2, but I'm wondering if I should get that Act 1 revision out there. Because I'm always afraid someone will dislike the writing of the contest version and never play the extended edition. So a release of Act 1 could come out soon, meaning I'd need the save transferring to work. I've thought that all I had to do was leave that black screen with the save option at the end, and then when I release the 2nd act someone could just move the save file. Because each act would include the others behind it, therefore you can continue to the next act by loading the save file, and being back at that "continue to next act" screen. I have not tested that just in case, so I don't know yet. Hmmm...

Anyway, as for Act 2, I'm now preparing the resources: mapping and character generating. Then I'll be writing and designing for awhile. I'm excited to finally put the pen down on act 1 and start act 2!