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Going back to College Soon, Act 1(Kinda Act 2) beta, Two Projects Now

I'll start off by acknowledging the beta release. You'll be able to see a new and improved act 1 and the second version of Act 2's intro. The first version lacked some scenes. It's beta, because I have a gut feeling there is more to work on. So any feedback will help me get it to where I want it to be before I worry more about act 2.

That brings me to the first project: Preparation for Act 2's levels. I hit the Savel one hard, but hit a snag with graphics. I'm trying to add in more modern guards, to illustrate the ever-evolving and inventive world. Things are being introduced constantly, from new guard uniforms to even hair dye. This world invents new things at a different pace, due to the attributes. I'm adding my own touches to characters, which is a bit difficult. More than just generating, of course. The entire exterior portion of the map is complete, except a few details in the environment. Interior work is next, inside of buildings, the ruin, that stuff.

As for my second project, I'm working on the battle system for Seamus. Well, for the fundamental RPGology contest. My RPG game concept is my Seamus series, with a larger focus on writing then design, at first. Now I'm going in more design oriented directions, making my own custom battle system. This contest is a good way to get a prototype of the system done!

Finally, I'm going to college. Sophomore year. Less than two weeks, and I'm getting anxious. My life seems to have more... happen while I'm there. My life advances. It's exciting. I have so much to do, I doubt act 2 preparation will be done by then, especially because of the new contest. However, work will still go on for the games. It's a great portfolio builder, doing this! I can definitely finish prep for one level and finish the battle system before I go. Either way, it's happening soon. It'll affect development, but this isn't a simple hobby for me. It's experience and stuff. I might even get a team together when I go back, who knows!

To keep the progress here:

Act 1: 95%
I'm mostly confident with it. No doubt, I'll keep watch over it while I work on act 2.

Act 2 Intro: 100%
I'm pretty happy with it! If there are any issues with transition between acts, however, I might change it up a bit but still!

Act 2 Prep:
  • Mapping

  • Character Graphics

Savel Level: 50%
Amalasuintha Level: 0%
Lisbit Level: 0%
Pirate Island Level: 0%

Working On:
  • Savel Cast

  • Battle System Prototype


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What new contest? :O And wait how old are you? #tooprivatequestion
What new contest? :O And wait how old are you? #tooprivatequestion

On this site, there're links to it. A battle system contest. And I'm 19 going on 20 :P
Oh no, I could never win that. x'D Plus too busy with Unraveled... Good luck, though!

And wow good, haha. I spoke with some other developers and they made me feel really young. D:
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