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Sophomore Cliff, Current Predicament

Alright, time to update the gamepage!

So to start, I've been in college for a while now. My weekend work is to finish a 3D model of metal snips in maya, write a seven page paper, prototype a Turn-Based Strategy game designed for the hardcore audience that for some reason wants a quick, no more than 15 minute fix on mobile devices, and program a vertical shooter in flash.

:') but it's ok, I still have time for Perspective.

Hah, not really. For this weekend anyway, but here soon I plan on using free time to finally finish prep on ONE level. I've got social life to take care of as well, some issues there.

There's this thing called the "Sophomore Cliff" here where designers tend to jump off first semester of sophomore year. I won't though! It's just... ow, it's just owwww.

So what I have to do to finish prep on this level:
  • Mapping

  • Character Graphics

Exterior is pretty much done, just needs some good minor details. Then I need to do interiors. As for character graphics, I've got half of them done. Almost.

I've been having a lot of trouble finding time for anything, as my priorities unconsciously are:

1: Social Life
2: Town of Salem
3: College Work
4: Side Projects

So that's what's currently going on. Continue to not expect too much progress, as I'm very busy now. (Who makes a poor game designer 3D model a real life object. I mean, they want it to be PERFECT!!! I'm not an artist! Agh!)