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A Modern Puzzle(Breaks and why they're helpful)

Blog! I've just received my participation prize, picked a tileset with the free money. Inspired by this tileset as well as a soundtrack I got a while ago, I've started a game! A narrative-focused game with a player-tailored narrative, similar in style to TellTalle Games stuff. It's called "A Modern Puzzle", with five episodes.

It's a short side project I'm working on for fun, it's starting to feel really impressive. But enough about that! What about Perspective?

As for Perspective, I'm saving my energy for thanksgiving break. When I get home from college for that break, I'll be getting back to prep for the levels. Even after the break I'll continue to touch it up in this area and begin writing! That's because winter break is a couple weeks after that break... it's a month long(break between semesters) so expect me to develop the next act like crazy! I expect it to be fully written and the levels to be close to done by the end of that break! I'm aiming for a January release of Act 2 of Perspective. For now, I don't want to pick it back up until that break. College is more important. However, my free time before that break will be spent on this other small project I have. It's a personal journey for me, expect a game page whenever I have most of it done.(Who knows).

I feel like January is a long way from now... a lot of things I have to do take a lot of my time, and I got to fit the best enjoyment somewhere(I'm having more fun with A Modern Puzzle and playing a game or two then working on Perspective honestly).

Either way, that's what's gonna happen to Perspective!