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Development Starts Back Up!

With the semester ending, I've begun work on Perspective once again! And I'm excited to get back to it! I've got some great ideas to make it better. The semester ending means I have a whole month of free time before next semester, so I plan on doing ALOT of work on Perspective. First, status on act 2... sorry, but work on that will be postponed. I'm going back to act 1 first. Here's the plan: introduce some new ideas to act 1, revamp it to be the way I wanted it, changes in both design and writing, and then go back to act 2. I hope to have time over break to work on act 2, but fear not. Act 1 is being changed quite a bit. SO! I'm going to break it down for you!

New Intro/Tutorial

The best part of act 1 was the main level. The part after that was a step better than the intro, with more thought put into it. However, the intro to act 1 is tricky. First, there was a word wall, and now there still is an "eh" mini-level to introduce you to things. I've got plans for this! First, I'm gonna scrap the mini-tutorial and instead teach the player through the main level, by those pop-up messages. That way, the tutorial won't be a wall for the player.
So, the intro would consist of intro scenes, throwing you into your first level to help develop characters and the world.

Then, I'm gonna look at the writing goals for act 1, and revise and edit the crap out of this to get what I want from it. I'm building act 1 as if I didn't have a scope change watering it down.

Level+Conclusion Work

The conclusion is going to be less a cliffhanger, and more a "this is a new plot development... welp, time for the next act!", which means that I'm releasing act 1's new version with act 2 along with it. As for the level? I'm going to look at it, writing-wise. See how it fits in the grand scheme of theme, and spruce it up. Maybe even insert Mr. Pharell and Evelyn, give them more of a beginning and development, AND include new ideas for the level.

1) Random Outcomes - A big thing I want to do is improve replayability. So, how about some parts of the mystery that are randomized? It would be different the next time you play, thus, having to still think about what's happening.
2) Dead-Ends - Clues that won't lead you anywhere but astray.

Act 2 work will continue after all of this, on the level prep for act 2. I'll be able to continue work!

And that's it, that's what's happening now!