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Progress Update on Act 2

So I have three screenshots to share first. I've already shown the Savel memory cast, one of the levels of act 2, and that image is in Images on this game page. The other three levels have their basic casts uhh... casted? The character graphics have been made. There are some special cases I still need to customize graphically, but here are the majority of characters. Again, no context on who they are! I group them according to their roles, however.

Amalasuintha Memory:

Lisbit Memory:

Pirate Island Memory:

These aren't the actual maps, that's the next step. But I displayed the main cast of each memory! I set them up like this to help my thinking, but anyway, my goal with this act: establish the setting, and more than that, give some great examples of what the world's like. My main goal with Perspective is to dish out this awesome gameplay concept, but also to have my first game in a world that I've based all of my game concepts in. This is just the first one, of course, and my first imagining of the "attribute" world idea.

So I have been noticing the development to have a step-by-step way of doing it. First step was basic planning, then the step after that would be character graphic work. Now we're on the mapping step. I've got one level almost fully mapped. Seiromem will be finishing it, as well as working on the other three!

Afterward is a lot of writing and level design work(it'll be my little hobby during my spring semester at college). The intro is already pretty much ready, and so is my tiny revision of act 1(on second thought, I'm gonna glance back and decide if I'm truly ready to move on from it.). Finally, after the levels are complete, I mesh them together with some narrative design work, make a conclusion to act 2, and bam! This act is gonna be huge. I'll talk about the levels themselves more next time, but as for the cast, how about a couple details!

The Savel cast I posted not too long ago has bandits, smugglers, crime bosses, all kinds of roles. I'll hide them and let them read them at your leisure, just look to the images to know what these are talking about. If you don't feel like being confused by how I describe them, it's perfectly mandatory optional to look.

Pirate Island Cast:
Specifically, looking at the pirate island memory, the bottom 6 are pirates(that perhaps are WIP, I might add a little customization). The four above them are hunters. The girl with the wings? I custom made the dress part, she's the Spirit of Harm ;). The four above and near her are adventurers, and to their left are the main characters of the memory. The patient and her two friends. Finally, the top two are special, ones a fisherman, the other a island supplier.

Lisbit Cast:
Looking at the Lisbit cast, starting from the top. Those 8 are high-level scientists, the 8 below them being low-level. In that middle square of people, bottom row? The first 4 are the patient and his friends. The other three in that row are miners. In the bottom right of the entire image, the top 3 are the lead scientists, the bottom three are medical doctors. In the bottom left of the entire image, the top 3 are engineers, and the bottom 3 janitors.

Amalasuintha Cast:
The top 10 are citizens. Below them and from the left, there are: 3 New Valorious Guards, 3 Social Cultists, the patients of the memory, and the spirit of the level. Finally, the very bottom 6 are refugees.

So yep! That's that so far in progress on the game!