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Release Something Plans

I'm on spring break, so I've got a great opportunity to take advantage of the release something event. While I'm personally focusing on my second project(which I have not made a game page for yet at the time of writing this), Seiromem will finally sit down and finish the mapping of the first level, the Savel level, for this game. That way, I can start focusing on making a level for Act 2 completely.

Seiromem has got that project he's trying to finish(the Castle Masterpiece set), but he's 90% done with the map of the Savel memory, so that'll come for Release Something, definitely. As for my second project: it's an rpg that I'll be using to experiment with my battle system that I'm custom making. Although, I'm keeping the scale lower than I otherwise might. Which reminds me.

As for Perspective, I'm going to be re-assessing the future acts of this game and making the narrative more soundly tied together. I originally planned five total acts assuming I'd leave room for content after content. Since I didn't see myself having a sequel after the end of the events of Amelia's story(which I have planned already), I thought I'd stall the end of it with a ton of levels and stuff. I'm going to reduce the size of this narrative as much as I can. Maybe down to three acts. We'll see. There will be a change, since drawing it out feels like it's weakening the story. Anyway, expect an update later this week.