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Act 2 resuming development, new system for clues, and Itch.io

First off, I've put the game up on itch.io! Perspective is ultimately going to be free of course, but I put it up there in case some might be generous enough to donate. It would help immensely and be very appreciated. Here's the link. I might plan some kind of reward for those who donate, maybe extras. Hmmmm...

Resuming Development
On to other news! I've gotten back to this project, and I'm getting back to working on the mapping of my four levels. I was going to wait until all four were mapped and show them as progress, but it's taking longer then I'd hoped. One is done, but I need to move on to the next ones. Other than mapping, I've got some character graphics to edit, but I also recently have a change coming with act 2 in terms of clues.

New Evented Conditions for Clues
I always knew using regions would be the way to go(since I'm just an eventer), but had not figured out how to use them in VXACE. I knew them in vx but for some reason didn't find them in ACE. But I looked back into it and found it to be a great way to make sure the player is standing near the clue in order for it to appear. I can also track to make sure they have seen hints to where to find a clue before they can find said clue. This will be an interesting tool to make sure players aren't randomly happening upon these clues, and I can force them to deduce where they should find the clues instead. However, I'll be careful with this, especially with what I just mentioned: making sure they have seen hints first. This would be confusing to a player who already knows about the clue and just wants to find it. So I can only add this condition in certain circumstances. Act 1's level won't be changed much, but these next act 2 levels will!

I still don't have a way to allow fast forwarding and rewinding. That's a little too intense for my skills. That would be a feature in a remake, when I can work with a programmer to set that up. But ah well. That's what's new with Perspective! Again, if you like my work and can donate a dollar in support, I'll be very thankful!