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0.2 = Fixed passability and graphical problems with last version.

Act 1's revision is playable, as well as the Act 2 intro. Warning: that's all there is of act 2. If you want to wait until it's complete, do it. However, I could use feedback for those that can see a WIP one day, and play the complete version another without the experience being ruined.

Contains a lot of revisions and dialogue additions to act 1. The tutorial is changed so instruction doesn't halt the player's movement. There's no more wall of text there. Character arcs are more prominent, in preparation for act 2's continuation of said arcs. The level has a lot of new dialogue added, and characters that would sit still now do something. Pace, show balloons. Finally, a transition set-up for transferable saves for future acts seems to work :P. And then the intro of act 2 is available, like I said.

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