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Amelia Gift Art


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Ahh beauti--
*scrolls down and sees blood

You're magical to me.
Is it blood or just stylistic paint splatter? Either way the picture is insanely gorgeous.
I <3 Nessy's art style sooooo much!
It's blood. Believe it or not, the game's really gory, so it really matches th- I'm just kidding, it's definitely paint splatter.

I suppose this is technically, in a way, a gift to me as well(just feeding my own ego), and I feel bad because I wasn't participating in the secret Santa. I know it's directed at Seiromem techincally. Nevertheless, THANKS Nessiah. It's fricking brilliant. We love it :D.
Aww thank you all that means a lot to me. *hugs* ;3;
A-actually, I played a bit of perspective but something I wanted to share. Whenever I sleep in the dark, I get nightmares that someone close to me dies, all the time since I was a kid. And I thought the topic matter of Perspective kiindaa fits so I went with it. I wasn't really sure who was the main protagonist (I was kinda in a rush) so I went with Amelia.
It's not exactly a fully developed character yet anyhow, or fully developed narrative, at that. It's fine ;)
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