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The Origins of Perspective
This game idea was spawned from the same universe I've been writing within for pretty much forever. Two characters from Perspective aren't new: Amelia and Evelyn Catarina. When I was brainstorming my contest entry, I decided to not make an RPG. Instead a small story taking place in the grand scheme! Perspective was born, and would begin introducing my world.

First: Amelia's origin in the canon of my universe is a surprise. But the idea of her gameplay with the memory thing has been touched upon a long time ago. I have four central characters, two mainly by me, the other two by Seiromem. A series will be representing each of these characters. The first I planned to go into was the Seamus series.

Seamus Series
Amelia was originally from the Seamus series, her background a mystery to Seamus. Perspective gives the player the knowledge of her before Seamus will, which will set up the first Seamus to be pretty interesting. Perspective is a more developed idea of what Amelia is capable of and the spectating gameplay is planned to be continued as the Seamus series goes on.

Evelyn Catarina
The lead therapist in this story lives in Amalasuintha. The four countries talked about in this game? They connect to Cilla Eleonora, the second character of mine. The Cilla series takes place in the setting of Perspective. Although more will be shown, it's planned to be an open-world. Perspective will introduce us to that world and Cilla is going to run into Evelyn Catarina in her series.

What is Seiromem's name BACKWARDS!?!?! Memories!!!!!!1!!1!

Seamus: The Yromem Mlear, a version of the story in which Amelia goes into Seamus' memory! For some odd reason, I felt names in the memory realm should be backwards. Thus, memory realm was Yromem Mlear. I posted the game page for it on Rpgmaker.net, and Kentona asked "How do you pronounce this title?". I replied with a couple paragraphs describing my game, embarassingly because he just didn't know how to pronounce Yromem Mlear. Good times.

The project never ended up anything, till now of course, I've come a long way. BUT, I just like looking back cause IT'S THE ORIGIN OF SEIROMEM'S NAME!!! I understand Seiromem has already explained this though, dangit. Oh well!