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In this hour long game, you play the roles of two hackers who have taken it upon themselves to use their skills to fund their way of life as they integrate into society.

Before that, they were being brought up to be the ultimate data defenders by a secret corporation who kept them locked away for ten years. Now having fled for about a year, Clade and Mana wish to try and live a normal teenage life, but having a big business always on your trail makes this difficult.

It doesn't help that choosing to use their gifts attracts all manner of people looking to exploit them.

This is their first official mission, given to them by three wage slaves who want to know what their workplace is a front for. A large server room is the target, and information the prize.

*Made for the 2014 Indie Game Maker Contest*

Latest Blog

The Warello Network has been completed.

This has been a fun ride, and the beta testers ended up being much faster than I thought. It helps that the game itself is in the 30min-1hr range.

Everything has been tweaked to make a fun and bug-free experience; I hope those who check the game out have fun. If you've played through Project Oscine and enjoyed yourself, you'll probably love this game as well. It's slightly harder, but has more mechanics to form many different types of strategies.

PS: Feel free to post your scores at the end of the game; I'm going to be making a leaderboard in the future for those who wish to have fun trying to go for a high score.
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  • 06/05/2014 05:18 AM
  • 04/13/2024 08:33 AM
  • 06/09/2014
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The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
Saw this under the submissions for IGMC. It looks awesome!
Thanks for the kind words. The whole grid-like look, partly inspired by the original Tron, was the spark that made me want to see this project through.

Now I notice a lot of my stuff is like, super blue.
Liberté, égalité, fraternité
Ok, I've played this and it's great. I'm going to pull together a review. It won't be long due to the brevity of the game, but I'll aim for comprehensive. This was a fun game, well done.
Just posting to say I made a couple of the enemies look better with the red grid and changed the critical damage from 300% to 200%.

It'll probably be my last edit until the contest is over.
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