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First released around 2005, Retsu Arashi Psychic Storm was made using RPG Maker 2000. It features a custom side view, turn-based battle system with full animations for party members and enemies, utilizing custom edited sprites from classic 2D fighting games.

Inspired by traditional martial arts movies, the story weaves a simple but complete tale in a historic far Eastern setting that spans 5+ hours of gameplay. Every asset in the game is custom edited or created from scratch, providing a consistent visual continuity, including many cut scenes and visual effects.

As a first attempt at creating a game, Retsu Arashi Psychic Storm is not without flaws, it does not feature the most complex story or gameplay, but it does offer a complete, fully realised and finished game with an evocative visual style and an innovative battle system.

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Could I recommend actually putting in some information about the actual story? It looks nice but knowing what you're getting in to, story/character-wise, can draw people in more and lets them know whether they think they'll like the game or not.
RMN sex symbol
Oh man I remember this game haha. The name just stuck with me for so long that when I went scrounging for old RM games, this is one of the games I remember grabbing from some obscure website. He'll I remember your old GW topic because you came their with an already finished game, something you didn't often see back then.

I can't play it but stick around man.
I remember this game. I downloaded it on gaming world around 2006. I was thinking this is some kind of fighting arcade game. It's rpgmaker 2000 bs with added big sprites. It's inspiring concept taken from arcade beatemups and pretty atmospheric too.
This was the first rpgmaker game I think I played that had me hooked. Now this IS definitely a classic. I loved the battle animations for the battlers it was very different from alot of other games.
Since there is NO download available but the game is downlodable from more sources, I will post here one of the links if someone wants to play it.

Retsu Arashi Psychic Storm
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