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This game contains imagery that may potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy. There are also loud sounds that can potentially damage more sensitive ears. Play with caution.

3456 A.D.

Government corruption is imminent. The PRESIDENT and the CONGRESS quarrel over how to sustain the dying race of humanity.

CONGRESS seizes control over the White House, taking over all of Japan, as well as the world. The PRESIDENT is murdered, and humanity plunges into darkness.
The PRESIDENT'S DAUGHTER is the only heir who can stop the CONGRESS. She was kidnapped by the CONGRESS, who plan to do as they please with the PRESIDENT'S DAUGHTER.

All hope for humanity seemed lost, but out of the blue, a child born with PSI powers, FECES, rose to challenge the evil CONGRESS, and save humanity from the brink of extinction.

The CONGRESS have heard his challenge, though, and have sent their assassins to kill FECES.

Will you rise to the challenge?

Inspired by the Famicom masterpiece Hoshi wo Miru Hito, Densetsu no Kusoge is the RPG that every gaming masochist will be dying to play. Your patience, your skill, but moreso your patience will be put to the test in this epic adventure! Can you find the three GOLD KEY CARDS to rescue the PRESIDENT'S DAUGHTER?

Also check out the game's page on the 2014 Indie Game Maker Contest:


- Ratty524
- Enterbrain


- Modern Algebra (rmrk)
- Yanfly
- Helladen
- Kread-EX
- Ratty524
- GreatRedSpirit


- Ratty524
- Tom Vian (as3sfxr sound generator)
- Enterbrain

Latest Blog

Ratty's Retrospective Let's Play - Densetsu no Kusoge

It's been a long time coming!

6 years since I've made this piece of crap and next to no one has completed it. Well, I'm about to show you how! (sort of)

Audio is a bit muted, I especially had to quiet down due to my living arrangements, but here is a "complete" play through of the game with my insights!
  • Completed
  • Ratty524
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
  • RPG
  • 06/09/2014 12:13 AM
  • 04/12/2024 11:34 AM
  • 06/07/2014
  • 33984
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The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
The download is up.

... What have I done?
You're magical to me.
I'll have to subject myself to this at some point :D
The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
I'll have to subject myself to this at some point :D

Protip: Save scum, and save scum often. :P
You're magical to me.
Haha, I'll take that advice to heart ^_^
You're magical to me.
Owch, this game certainly lives up to its name XD

I'm guessing that
the fact that no matter what you name your character, they end up as "Feces"
was intentional :P
"My father told me this would happen."
I downloaded this game out of curiosity. Then, when I saw the executable that said "Kusoge" I sort of stared at it for a few seconds, realized what I had done, and deleted it.

Maybe one day. But not today - I'm in a good mood.
Stargazer! Oh you are a real peach. I can't wait to try this.
The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
Right, time to give this Kuso a bite.
Nothing personal.

I think the game will bite you more than anything else.

By the way, I got someone to do an LP of this, but it looks like he didn't get far at all. :P

... With that, I'll leave you guys with a tip:
Two tiles to the left from where start you game is an invisible town. Visiting there MAY improve your chances of surviving this monstrosity.
When I saw the banner I wanted to go. When I saw the screens I was taken aback. And you know what? I think it's a game that I might like. Somehow. Maybe.
Definitely giving this a go, though. I'm a quite patient person.

By Jove, this is hilarious. - don't judge me - but it does get tedious after 20 minutes. Got the teleportation skill, but no single card. I just hope they aren't on some random tile? Although that would make sense.

This is not just some ragegame, this is damn classy. .. still gonna take a break for now.
The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
By Jove, this is hilarious. - don't judge me - but it does get tedious after 20 minutes. Got the teleportation skill, but no single card. I just hope they aren't on some random tile? Although that would make sense.

This is not just some ragegame, this is damn classy. .. still gonna take a break for now.

They don't randomly appear like other items, but they are very, VERY cryptically hidden, and... Well... You DO have to step on a specific tile to get each card key, if that's what you mean by "random tile."

I'm making a walkthrough of this at the moment, detailing the location of every card, but I'll spoil it for you:
Despite being labeled from "first" to "last," you can obtain these cards in any order you choose.

1st Card: Roughly North of Lotar Village (the one that's actually visible on the map, and has an old man who will tell you about the card keys to begin with), There is a pathway that appears to look like different mountain tiles from the rest. This area is actually passable, if you haven't figured that out, and it will lead you towards a desert. Save and restart often as you travel through the desert, because there are several tiles that warp you to a dungeon, which not only has some brutal encounters, but the end of that dungeon will randomly warp you to a place far away from where you need to be. You want to aim for that red door Northwest of the desert.

From here, you should be taken to a confusing area filled with grey squares. To save you your time, from the tile where you first enter the dungeon, Go 7 steps to your left, 5 steps up, and 2 steps left in that order. You'll a card key at that last step.

2nd Card: Head East from the same town of Lotar, until you find a huge forest below your position. If you haven't figured out how to cross through the forest maze from hell, here is the layout of the entire maze:

The blue dots mark tiles that will transport you to a forest dungeon, and just like the desert dungeons, they too will send you as far away from this map as possible, causing you to have to walk all the way back again. So avoid them.
After clearing the maze, head to the door and you'll be transported to a cave. Take any path BUT the upper path; it'll lead you to a dead end. Then, continue onwards until you find a set of rocks arranged in a square, placed between the cave river and having a gap in the center. Walk over it (it's passable), and once you reach the T-junction, take the upper path, and continue heading up until you are transported to a hidden spot on the world map. The second card key is on the green tile you'll find there.

Final Card: Continue through the cave, only now you are taking the bottom path instead of the top. Head for the door to exit the cave to reach your next arduous destination. From here, you'll start to see some mossy green tiles, these tiles will damage you, and unless you have a huge amount of potions to constantly keep yourself alive, there is no way to pass it without dying... So instead, take a hidden path around the whole death trap starting from a gap within the grey walls that separate the tiles you are one from the ocean.
After clearing that pathway, there will be a town just ahead of you, but you don't need to go there. Instead, look for a hidden passageway that'll be southbound from the entire path, you'll know that you are on it when you stumble upon a part of the grey wall that you can walk on. Continue down this path until you reach a desert area. Continue Eastbound, and somewhere towards the center of this path is the invisible desert town of Psalm.
Here is when things get a bit tricky, you start at the outer walls of the town. DON'T walk away from the town or you'll have to do this whole thing all over again. Continue walking down, and where you see the yellow-green and orange "road" directly touch the blue "wall", walk to your right towards that road and you'll enter town. Hopefully, you'll have keys prepared to open the doors here. head towards the Northeastern corner of town, where an old man dressed in red will reside. Talk to him to receive your final card key.

*whew* God I've created a monstrosity. xD
I figured it was somewhere in the desert^^ and yes, that's what I meant.
It should go against my ethics to need a walkthrough for something you can easily (if only time-consuming) find yourself ... but in this case, I'll gladly take it! Thank you.

I actually think it would've been tedious enough to give some general direction ingame and let the player search every little field. It's what you'd do anyway. "one in the forest, one in the desert", whatever. But that's just my rambling
Got the cards. Got to the castle, I mean, CONGRESS, got to the next room. I think I don't want to try every tile possible just now. But I will sooner or later.
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