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Play as Jean Valentino, an ex-army Lieutenant turned Chief of Security at the Blue Labs, and return to your military training to once more save your genius wife/husband from the terrorist organisation who intend to use both them and their inventions to further their goals. After five years of peace remaster old weapons, take up new ones and using a combination of Stealth tatics and Puzzle solving (Hacking), protect the Blue Lab and all that lies within.

An ex-army Lieutenant, he left the service due to his disillusionment of the system and burgeoning 'stability' issues (or so his Shrink tells him). He met his now wife on his last mission with the army, and when she too left the employ of the government he followed her to a private lab, becoming one of the chief security guards.

A scientist whose research into alternate energy sources and their uses brought her to the attention of the government, who comissioned her to work with the military on some new weapons. She was kidnapped by a militia terrorist organisation, where she met her now husband when he was sent to rescue her. She left the government employ, taking a job at a private lab, where she can continue her work on energy sources without threat of further kidnappings.

Stealth: The aim of the game is to avoid getting into fights with the terrorists as much as possible, so stealth will play a big roll.

Alert System: This determines how Alert the Guards are to your presence. Getting into fights can increase the Alert Level, as can the use of various weapons and skills during a fight.

Fights can be triggered by;

  • Line of Sight: A Guards 'Line of Sight' is defined by a faint white cone. Stepping into this Line of Sight will trigger a fight with the Guards.
    Kill Zone: Soldiers patrol a 'Kill Zone', stepping into one will trigger a fight, the Soldier does not need to be facing you.
    Scent Terrority: Dogs are confined to 'Scent Terrorities', if you step inside one the Dog will immeadiately try to locate you. If they touch you it will trigger a fight.

Hacking System: Because I don't want to leave Cidney playing the damsel in distress too much, she gets to play too by solving various puzzles throughout the game to either undo hacking by the terrorists, or hacking into their systems herself to wreak havoc.

Non Commercial

Kain Logan – Soldier & officer Sprites
Lunarea – The Jungle Dirt, Vine, Tree’s and flowers
PandaMaru – The Jungle Tree Autotiles


Enterbrain – RPG Maker VXAce, including all resources therein
Celianna – Futuristic Tileset
– The Huts in the AAG Base Camp (Commercial use paid for)
Lunarea – Zombie Graphics Pack
Fungii -- Busts of the main characters.

Joel Steudler – Modern Music Mega Pack


Core Scripts (Main and Battle)
Message Script
Battle Command Script
Skill Cost Script
Movement Restrict (regions)

Neon Black

Variable Pictures (as available in Celianna's Rural Tiles)


RPGMaker Forums – For the wonderful HELP sections

Needles : For much needed help with the Guard Torch System

I have made the decision to go with the option to choose your gender at the start of the game. Eventually, when the game is finished (probably after the month is up) I will also be adding the option to choose the gender of Cidney Sheppard as well, so you can decide if your character is straight or gay/lesbian. Because I personally enjoy options like that in game.

I have decided to implement my own evented Menu System to better fit my own style of the game. Screenshots above. It's not completely finished yet, but I'm making great headway.

I am keeping a blog of my progress should anyone be interested; http://forums.rpgmak...g/145-blue-lab/
(I don't know how to load the blog direct to this page)

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You're magical to me.
You can choose your gender AND your spouse's gender? SUBSCRIBED!
You can choose your gender AND your spouse's gender? SUBSCRIBED!


When I told my mother about the game it was originally a male "Jean Valentino" and a female "Cidney Sheppard". Hher first words were "Why can't the soldier be a woman and the scientist a man?", and I couldn't come up with a good enough reason, so I agreed to give the option. Then later, explaining it to my friends I mentioned the option to choose gender and they were all "That's cool, so you can choose if your married to a man or a woman in the game?".

It kind of spirialled lol.

For the Indie Game month version you can only choose your own gender, and Cidney's is predetermined to be the oposite. But by the time it's finished you can choose both.

And the artist has very kindly said they're ok doing art for all the pairings.
You're magical to me.
Yay! Your artist (Fungii?) is really good! I love the art. Are those scars on Jean's face near the chin?
Uh huh. Fungii is awesome! And well spotted, they are indeed scars. There isn't an ingame reason so much as I just like the idea of Cidney finding them sort of intriguing.

(is it bad that I imagine little conversations and moments about their lives that will never be shown in game? lol)

I hope to have the the first part of the game done soon.

Thank you for your comments!
You're magical to me.
You're welcome! This is all very interesting ^_^

(is it bad that I imagine little conversations and moments about their lives that will never be shown in game? lol)

Haha, that's a good thing! It means that what you do show will be that the characters are deep and complex :D
I can only hope. Because I'd love for people to like the characters as much as I do!
You're magical to me.
I finished "Jungle Rescue." I'll just leave my thoughts under a hide tag here :D

This is a very fun game, though I'm a little confused on the title. Is it called "Blue Labs" and the playable prelude is "Jungle Rescue?"

Anyway, here are my pros and cons about the game so far:

-Interesting combat revolving around stealth rather than brute force. Being able to stun enemies and knock them out is a very nice touch, too! ^_^

-I loved that I got to pick the gender of both my character and the scientist love interest! :DDDD

-A variety of trap-types to avoid (a variety of guards, soldiers, dogs, searchlights, etc) with neat mechanics

-I really liked the writing and the characters, though I definitely want to know more!


-Some parts of the game were buggy. For example, there was more than one instance of me getting caught by a guard, beating that guard, and getting caught instantly by that same guard that I just beat! It stuck me in an endless loop and I had to quit the game to continue.

-The Menu screen doesn't actually pause the game, meaning you can get caught by dogs or guards while it's open!

-While the characters and dialog are great, especially between the two leads, I'm left wanting more, as what we get is sparse. Since this is just the start of a bigger game then that's fine, though. ^_^

And here are some of my thoughts on stuff I noticed when I was playing the game, for your consideration:

-I could never get the stun gun taser to actually stun anyone, even at maximum strength (when it uses 3 batteries). I'm not sure if I was doing something wrong or if the taser skills were set up wrong.

-Pushing the Space Bar to exit the menu felt off, if only because every other RPG Maker game uses "Escape."

-Is there a way to use Med Kits out of battle? I couldn't figure out how.

-Seeing as you have wonderful art for the characters, I was disappointed that there weren't custom facesets used when the characters were talking. That would be a nice touch.

All in all, a very nice game that could use some more polish and bug-testing. Good job so far ^_^
Lol. Thanks for the review.

1. It's called Jungle Rescue, because it's what I ended up having to call the Game Development Month Game, because I didn't have time to get to the Blue Lab section. I left it as Jungle Rescue, because that's what the mission itself is called. lol.

2. I'm glad you thought the game was fun and you liked the Gender choosing, (I'm having fun with that bit myself lol), the mechanics were fun to come up with so I'm glad you enjoyed both them and the alternative style of gameplay. And I promise, there will be much, much more. I'm glad you like the characters!

- I think I managed to discover that particular guard and update the game to remove that bug, but if this little game has taught me anything, it is that I'm going to have to test each enemy very caefully before moving on to the next.
-At some point Luna Engine will come out, or I'll have enough to pay someone to make me a fully custom menu that will work like a normal menu system, including pausing and everything. lol. (and yes, you will be able to use medkits out of battle!)
-There will be more, lots and lots more! Promise.
-Not sure why the Tazer wasn't working... will need to look into that one.
-At some stage I will have emotion busts and cutscene pics for the game, but they may be a long while coming I'm afraid.

I think I answered everything... Ooverall, I'm glad you enjoyed it, and there will be more soon (hopefully)
You're magical to me.
You're welcome! I'll be on the lookout for more! Best of luck! :DDDD
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