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Sunken Spire is being made for the Indie Game Maker Contest 2014.
It belongs to the Arum universe and shares characters with Dead Moon Night, The Grumpy Knight and In Search of Immortality.
The events of the game happen chronologically after In Search of Immortality.

Somethign that slipped past us over the controls:
During Battle, press the L/R buttons (Q and W in keyboard default) to access the Combat Log and Escape respectively.

(This is filler characters so I can pass the machine limit for topic acceptance. To the profile accepters: the text is already in the images and I'd like to remove it).

Latest Blog

Sunken Spire Patch Released

This patch fixes up all of the little bugs (and big bugs) that have been reported to us over the last little while. We also played a bit with rebalancing and encounter rates, based on your feedback!

A huuuuge thank you to all the kind words we've received so far about the game! It's been very encouraging, especially with all the bugs you had to slog through, to see people not only dedicating time to this game, but LOTS of time. <3

Your save files should be transferable between versions of the game, so don't hesitate to redownload and play on the patch version. (if you want to beat the optional bosses, I actually encourage you to redownload)

If you've enjoyed our game, don't forget to drop us a vote!

Thanks again!



*facepalm* So it was like that? I feel so dumb O_o I had spent half an hour trying to get there... Thanks for the help! :D
No problem, hope you enjoy the rest of the game!
Half the problem with that puzzle is the fact you can't see it all at the same time. Even we struggle with it, so it is definitely high on the revision list (that entire floor is).
I hope there is going to be a sequel! I liked the maps because they were very detailed and beautiful and the music was nice. I was glad the see some old and NEW characters. The slime, I really can't remember his real name but I called him Bloo was so cute and one of the stronger and useful characters. I was glad to see Elsa and Alma and Ezekiel the flirt! Edgar seems an interesting vampire and I really want to see him in your future projects. The dialogue was great as always and the battle system was fun. One thing I disliked were the encounters and I pray that the next games will have visible monsters. Keep up the great work and please continue making such wonderful projects set in the Arum World!
There's not going to be a direct sequel. Though the main characters will appear again. Glad you enjoyed the game on the whole and sorry but visible encounters is usually a headache so it's not likely to happen. Anyway thanks again and back to work I go.
I just finished the game, and I fucking LOVED it. I really enjoyed the story, as well as the mechanics (the ooze especially was super cool...i named mine glomp)
I having trouble finding one of the last relics of Selene. The one involving the gnarled root.. I expect it may have something to do with the plant that doesn't grow but so far I have not been able to find anything that makes it grow. Help would be appreciated.
The plant in the cave is unrelated to Selene. It's grown with Fertilizer given by the rescued gardener in the last magic floor of the tower.
As for Selene: did you get the relic from the big tree in the forest, before the tower?
Of course that tree that I have been ignoring the last ten times I walked through there.. I got the fertilizer. One final question.. I took the researcher out to that specific area and beat the boss, but I cannot seem to find the trigger to finish the quest line. I don't want to beat the game without it! Thanks for making another great game..
Noticed a small bug in the "Beast" form technique Roar. It says it adds 5 stacks (max 20) of Threat, but instead it sets the count to 5 each time (found while using Roar to skip Ooze's turn to farm Runes)

Other than that, I'm loving the game so far!
After I pick up the first MAT Boost mod, additional copies don't show up in the inventory or equipment screen at all. Is this intentional?

Edit: This seems to happen to other items that I manage to pick up, like that fossil item for the ooze.

Edit2: Actually, it may be due to the item collection log not getting cleared when picking up new items.
Yep, it's the collection log. I have no friggin idea why it does that :/
I made the ooze eat the mystic plant skill that Alma made before actually getting the mystic plant form. Did I screw myself out of the skill?

NVM: It looks like the ooze managed to get the poison burst skill after all.
This game... Man this game... Watch me as I vote this game for best (almost) "everything" in Misaos. Love it so much. So glad to have Ezekiel and Alma back. Ezekiel was in for half an hour at the end but he became so unbeatable in such a short time, a true boss - Best priest ever! And Alma and her way of doing things, how much I love her.

Meanwhile, there's Goo who started as the least useful but soon become the most useful offensively (I think defensively too.. if you use him differently) Best slime ever.
Where do I find the item for Dragon Form?
Welp, just finished.

Yet another great game, guys. I liked it. Getting to see Elsa and Alma again was great, and Ooze (I called him Blues) rapidly became my favourite character. When you literally say a character's lines out loud in the funniest sounding voice you can imagine, you know you're having fun with him. XD

Gotta say, though, the combat balance was a bit off this time, especially since there was no difficulty setting. Most of the game isn't anywhere near challenging enough and I breezed through most of it (Plant form rocked most of the game, then one of the unlockable forms helped near the end, then the OTHER unlockable plant-based one just utterly demolished what was left). I am pleased that the optional stuff was actually a challenge (the sprites with the water summons killed me pretty reliably for a random encounter!), and I gotta say, taking the secret boss atop the mountain at level 36 was a ton of fun. Took me 3 tries before I won, and boy was it sweet.

Finally, it's great to see some of the world building you guys have done come together. Seeing stuff from Grumpy Knight and In Search of Immortality come up again was great, as was that one little thing from Dead Moon Knight (You know what I'm talking about). It was great.

While it's got a ton of imagination and work behind it, this may not be the most well-designed of your games, but it's got enough heart and love in it to make up for it. I massively enjoyed it.

Even if the idea of a Tower that's got some sort of "dimensional" thing going on with it is something I've also been working on in the World of Arum. Although in my case you're going DOWN, not UP, and escaping rather than breaking and entering. XD
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Random thoughts

Awesome art with the characters! props to the artist!

hmm Elsas side is weird. he/she says that he/she is board because nothing is a challenge there yet she literally just entered that area there was no time to feel that way.
i mean she just split up from the alchemist. there was not even a one room gap between the entry hall and where you start with her.

thank you for healing after battle!

Slimy! :O

Ooze skill "Slashing spree" does not say all enemies so it can be a bit misleading why it costs more to use and is weaker

its a shame the beastery doesn't include item drops :3
max lvl 40 :O

beat game! :D

never found something needed for a few optional things like the cave to he right of town :(

also who is the master mind? its never stated and with nothing really pointing to it in this game
is it the queen?

I enjoyed this game. i loved the artwork and time that was put into this.it gave the characters more depth and added personality to them w/o using your imagination as much.
i loved the ending and the battle system was even pretty entertaining!
it took me a lil over 7 hours to finish which is excluding optional content and times i was away from pc for a bit.still id say at least 5-6+hours to finish

if your fine with turn based battles i highly recommend this title!
I just downloaded Sunken Spire last night and I finally finished it! I really liked this game, and I have a few things to say about it.

- Ooze starts out really weak, but then he gets really overpowered when you have the proper items towards the endgame, except for his low HP count. If it's not too much trouble, maybe some balancing is in order?
- I really like how you put the character's backstories both in the main story and during the optional content. But, like everyone else says, Alma and Elsa seem a bit more bland than when we saw them from their respective games.
- The music chosen and the graphics were very respectable. I've actually been wanting to see what Elsa looked like if she was not in Etolier form (hahaha).

Overall, I love this game and I would really replay it over and over again just for fun. This game is so enjoyable, after all.
Sunken Spire was a really fun experience! I loved the art and battle/leveling mechanics for the player characters. It was really satisfying when I had finally unlocked most of my abilities and set up a routine that steamrolled through most of the dragon mountain enemies.

My one quibble is that I didn't realize all the stuff I'd unlocked in town until I did a thorough sweep through right before the end of the Spire. But that was kinda cool itself, since it almost doubled my playtime with cool side stuff and dungeons more interesting than a lot of the main floors. Great game!