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Sunken Spire is being made for the Indie Game Maker Contest 2014.
It belongs to the Arum universe and shares characters with Dead Moon Night, The Grumpy Knight and In Search of Immortality.
The events of the game happen chronologically after In Search of Immortality.

Somethign that slipped past us over the controls:
During Battle, press the L/R buttons (Q and W in keyboard default) to access the Combat Log and Escape respectively.

(This is filler characters so I can pass the machine limit for topic acceptance. To the profile accepters: the text is already in the images and I'd like to remove it).

Latest Blog

Sunken Spire Patch Released

This patch fixes up all of the little bugs (and big bugs) that have been reported to us over the last little while. We also played a bit with rebalancing and encounter rates, based on your feedback!

A huuuuge thank you to all the kind words we've received so far about the game! It's been very encouraging, especially with all the bugs you had to slog through, to see people not only dedicating time to this game, but LOTS of time. <3

Your save files should be transferable between versions of the game, so don't hesitate to redownload and play on the patch version. (if you want to beat the optional bosses, I actually encourage you to redownload)

If you've enjoyed our game, don't forget to drop us a vote!

Thanks again!



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I was excited to find the game continues after reaching the top of the spire. But this part of the game is brutal. Really stuck on Esikiel vs Arachne (sp?). Seems buggy. Sometimes I get hit multiple times without gaining any DP points. Damage given is inconsistent even when I don't have any status ailments. And the shielding skill should give you 5 stacks but only gives you one.
Any hints for beating the spider lady (third level)?

As far as I remember, you can strenghen your character with some kind of skill points. Just grind a bit until you can maximize every row, then all the bosses and other enemies would be much easier.
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