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Sunken Spire is being made for the Indie Game Maker Contest 2014.
It belongs to the Arum universe and shares characters with Dead Moon Night, The Grumpy Knight and In Search of Immortality.
The events of the game happen chronologically after In Search of Immortality.

Somethign that slipped past us over the controls:
During Battle, press the L/R buttons (Q and W in keyboard default) to access the Combat Log and Escape respectively.

(This is filler characters so I can pass the machine limit for topic acceptance. To the profile accepters: the text is already in the images and I'd like to remove it).

Latest Blog

Sunken Spire Patch Released

This patch fixes up all of the little bugs (and big bugs) that have been reported to us over the last little while. We also played a bit with rebalancing and encounter rates, based on your feedback!

A huuuuge thank you to all the kind words we've received so far about the game! It's been very encouraging, especially with all the bugs you had to slog through, to see people not only dedicating time to this game, but LOTS of time. <3

Your save files should be transferable between versions of the game, so don't hesitate to redownload and play on the patch version. (if you want to beat the optional bosses, I actually encourage you to redownload)

If you've enjoyed our game, don't forget to drop us a vote!

Thanks again!



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Got any Dexreth amulets?
A new Indrah&Fomar game, featuring Elsa and Alma?! I am so subscribing to this!
Good luck with this project, I'm already looking forward to playing it.
Looks like another 4+ star gam in the works. XD
Liberté, égalité, fraternité
Oh heck yeah, subbed!
Hey, guys, just got done playing Sunken Spire. It's stupidly late right now (3AM over here), so if I say something incoherent, please forgive me. I guess I should front this by saying I liked your game quite a bit--enough to stay up until 3AM, teeheehee. First off, how about a glitch report:

-The jar ghost on the 27th floor gets stuck in an infinite loop. He's the opposite of helpful, the fucking dick.
-You can get infinite leona's family emblems and the pink ribbons from the cat.
-I fought the rock dragon twice.
-When you go to Ezekial's abilities and you hit left or right while the cursor is on his character portrait, the game crashes.
-The game also crashes after resurrecting Saint Selene--what a bitch.
-There was also a passability issue in the town somewhere. I wasn't writing glitches down when I found it, so I don't remember exactly, but I walked through...something...on a table I think...in one of the houses? Sorry I couldn't be more specific.

Here's my feedback regarding the game itself:
-I liked your emphasis on long-game mechanics rather than short-game mechanics. Alma's research made leveling way more interesting. Elsa's ability was also cool, and I like how you made the crappy bone skills the abilities you have to use the most in order to unlock Elsa's gear since it produces that nice handicap-for-future-rewards dynamic. However, since I'd rather hit things harder than take hits better, I liked her death knight gear more, so you probably should have made the bone gear have better stats to provide a better incentive. Ooze's feeding system was also a nice little addition.
-Battles were mostly super easy, but that goes with the long-game mechanics, so it doesn't bug me much. I would have liked the last boss to be harder, though. The secret bosses were a little harder. I liked the dragon-summoning lady, but I still just steamrolled her, and since I stacked poison on her, I couldn't space out the fight to avoid fighting all the dragons at once, which I think was the intent. Since Ooze's maelstrom was hitting for around 5k, though, the dragons didn't last very long.
-I liked your Soul Blazer "save the villagers" mechanic, but, at the same time, I really hated the villagers. Most of their dialogue was inane, and I had no idea who the villagers I saved were. Because of this, I didn't talk to any saved villagers until I had all of them, and then I just jammed through their dialogue until I heard a happy beepy sound and got my merchandise. It would have made more sense to me to have a smaller town that's completely empty when you start (like Soul Blazer did). This way, each rescued villager is so much more significant instead of just one more face talking about their banal existence.
-Speaking of dialogue, I felt this was a weak point in general. The exchanges felt a little stock at times when they weren't conveying basic plot progression. At other times, it felt like it was just connecting to this larger world that I had trouble caring about, even after playing Grumpy Knight. It's like, referencing the events of Grumpy Knight is supposed to make the player see that this is part of your larger blanket of work, and they should recognize those other games in an "in crowd" sort of way. But, what that did for me was just feel redundant in the context of the larger world since I was already familiar with those events, and, in the case of Alma and her constant discussions of her husband, it felt like tacked-on information. Very little of the story was conveyed through action; it was mostly dialogue, which made it much harder to enjoy.
-That said, Indra, I think you're really good at making the characters' distinct personalities shine through, you just have to think more about them in terms of how they evolve over the course of the game. When I look at Elsa and Alma at the beginning of the game as opposed to the end, I don't see them gaining much. They may be a bit more friendly with each other, but they weren't really at odds at the beginning. Ooze, too, is roughly the same as when you first found him. They all have distinct personalities, but they're all flat within the confines of this game.
-Too, the secondary cast was pretty forgettable, including the villains.
-The length of the game was insane for a month. I think the gameplay was successful enough, but this was a really weird choice for this contest considering the hour stipulation.
-Also, the Ezekial section seemed like fan service, which is fine, but for the game as a single unit, it was kind of a slap in the face. The rest of the game is focused on long-term character progression, so for the final fights the player has to play as someone else entirely? Too, though he spirals out of control, if you don't grind before that first fight, it's a NIGHTMARE. I won it through SHEER GRIT and COMPULSIVE ITEM HOARDING. Then I grinded to 38 or so and obliterated everything, which was fine, but forcing the player to grind kind of removes the urgency of the imploding Sunken Spire.

Overall, this was still a fun game. The maps were also cleanly executed--especially the town--and the character portraits were gorgeous. Some of the music kind of blew, but the soundtrack as a whole worked for me, especially that rad music that played around the lake. I think this is my favorite of the competition so far.
Thanks for the feedback!
A lot of the issues that cropped up were product of the too short development period and near inexistent (we didn't even have a full day) of testing. Balance and odd crashes are product of that OTL

As the main writer I will admit I did feel as if this game had less actual "story" and development, but there's not much we can do about that now. Maybe not using fully original characters would have been better, who knows. Also there was a very certain sense of "fuck fuck fuck no time just get it done!" when it came to the last NPCS to be put in, so that doesn't help.

We've gotten a few helpful reports of minor and MAJOR issues (such as crashes, oof) so we'll try to patch that up and re-upload the game soon. Thanks for the input!

We had already things in plan for the rescue folks (basically a list telling you where each of them hung out after being rescued) but we ran out of time. That seems to be our go to excuse for any and all problems in this OTL

I'm glad you enjoyed the game despite its faults! I'm a bit surprised after all the issues you had with it it's still ahead among the competition, so hey, yey! :D

(Also Selene you hoore how dare you crash after the boss ><)
Yeah, when the game crashed, I was like, "THIS is my reward for running all around the world and back?!"

One thing that I didn't really consider when giving my story points was that you're writing a serialized adventure, which has a history of low emphasis on character development and greater emphasis on the adventure itself (Indiana Jones, for example). So, I might have talked too much about that. That said, I think having good character development is always a plus (One Piece, for example, has characters with clear arcs that develop over the course of the series and within individual arcs--not all the time, but those are the best episodes).
Very nice game. And way funnier than In Search of Immortality (well, except the notes. but that was intentional).

The last battles dragged a little bit, since relying on luck is not my best ability, but really nice play.

Edit: Review will be up soon.
I am quite sure that this is one of the best rpg games I have played lately. It COULD be longer, but still I enjoyed it very much. Combat system and character development are really sophisticated, I like when all the playable characters have completely different development style. Battles were decent, sometimes a bit tricky, but never annoying, after a bit of thinking all was done. I loved the character personalities too, especially Elsa and Slime and overall I think that writing was pretty good. I hope there is going to be sequel too, it would nicely suit to the opened ending. Some games just have kind of atmosphere and this is one of them.

PS: There is odd bug (if I didn't miss anything), When I researched Dragon form and skills with Alma, nothing happened after. I had to find object to activate it. Research was useless to the three advanced forms.
Thanks, glad you enjoyed it. I quite like making all the characters have entirely different systems. This game is actually the latest in an on going series of games me and Indrah have made set in the shared RM universe. It's unlikely that Alma, Elsa or Ezekiel will feature as playable character for a while now given that the three of them are the only characters who have been playable twice.

On the bug, research only unlocks developments it doesn't give you anything by itself.
hi, where can we download the patch?

hi, where can we download the patch?


The 'Download Now' button at the top is the newest version. :)
then, no patch, only a new version;)?

by the way, is there a walkthrough?

thanks a lot;)
then, no patch, only a new version;)?

by the way, is there a walkthrough?

thanks a lot;)
then, no patch, only a new version;)?

by the way, is there a walkthrough?

thanks a lot;)

Ah, yes sorry. You have to download the new version. You can just move your save files into the new game file though and they will work fine. So you will not lose your progress.

We don't have a walkthrough up anywhere, but if you're stuck, I'm sure any one of us would gladly help. :) ((If you post the question here though, remember to be subtle about spoilers ;D ))
This game is freaking awesome.
Really impressive work again. It's especially interesting that Fomar was able to synthesize the mechanics from Grumpy Knight, In Search of Immortality, AND add new mechanics for Ooze... then take these different systems and make them work together, while keeping every character separate. It's simple but complicated at the same time in the best way. I didn't enjoy the dungeon crawl element as much, but I liked the town a lot and the writing was lots of fun, though I got a sense that Alma and (especially) Elsa just didn't have as much personality this time, like they were still the same characters but had become simpler and less distinct somehow. I especially like that this game had some downtime, as the last few stuck to setting the whole thing in one dungeon and it made them seem a little less fun. But yeah as usual thanks for the great work.
Thank you, I just made every playable character have their own class programming wise. It was much easier that way for me to organise the data.

Elsa wasn't integral to the plot (especially compared to her outing in the grumpy knight where she was the main character in a very focused game) but given the size of the cast we've grown in our Arum games and that we were introducing more characters we felt it best to include another familiar face.

Alma had more party dynamics to work with in Immortality, including Ezekiel who at the time she didn't trust and Pudding who even now remains largely an enigma.

Glad you enjoyed the game nevertheless.
hi everybody,
i'm suck in F4 - Undeaed sector, with the musical puzzle. do you have clues, please?

thanks a lot;)

Each of the skeleton had a clue about it:
1)The song we wrote together is seven segments long, and all of us but one play twice.
2) See that guy right over there? He doesn't know it, but I'm always following right after him. (about 1)
3) I honestly don't care what happens in the middle of the song! I just know that
I start us off, and when I play again,
it's time to stop.
4) I have the most important part in the entire song! Right in the middle!! Loud and proud!

Hopefully you won't need it but just in case:
I need help. I'm stuck in one of the ice floors. The one with the big ice room and many rocks and I have no ideea how can I get to the next floor because I keep slipping in the wrong direction...
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