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Sunken Spire Patch Released

This patch fixes up all of the little bugs (and big bugs) that have been reported to us over the last little while. We also played a bit with rebalancing and encounter rates, based on your feedback!

A huuuuge thank you to all the kind words we've received so far about the game! It's been very encouraging, especially with all the bugs you had to slog through, to see people not only dedicating time to this game, but LOTS of time. <3

Your save files should be transferable between versions of the game, so don't hesitate to redownload and play on the patch version. (if you want to beat the optional bosses, I actually encourage you to redownload)

If you've enjoyed our game, don't forget to drop us a vote!

Thanks again!


Sunken Spire released!


Download Notes: This is the contest release version. As expected, we had a very, VERY tight deadline and a lot of things we wanted to make and improve had to be cut.

I'm pretty sure there will be minor and embarassing errors in this build, but it should be complete and bug-free. The difficulty is is quite low since we had no real time to balance them. The game is complete and and 4-6 hours.

We'll be releasing more details, help, screenshots, etc when we're not quite so burned up.

We have an improved version in the works, with additional features such as: onine achievemnts, new sidequests, improvements all around with the gameplay and presentation, more areas, more cutscenes, improved puzzles, etc.

Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated. Please help us improve the game by telling us what you felt was weak, and what you thought was good and want more off. Any suggestions and reports help us more than you think.

EDIT: Re-uploaded to fix game crash
-Game crashed during first fight if you view the bestiary before that.
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