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Name: Uma Noite Qualquer (Just Another Night)
Completed: 2014/06/02

I made this game for the Battle of Arena #10; The contest's goal was to make a monster chase system.

In this story you are a girl who is woken up in middle of the night by a noise and, when she goes to investigate, she realizes her house is all locked. Help her find the keys so she can find the source of the noise.

This game is very short you can end this (maybe) in 10 minutes, seriously.
The history is also an just excuse for the system, but I hope you enjoy it.

Resources credits: ASCII/Enterbrain - VIPRPG - First Seed Material - cmaguro1k2 - The Werewolf

English translation: Alucard_2
Spanish translation: SweetDark

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Interesting, although more frustrating than scary, it plays more figure what steps to take. And why did you suddenly speed up at the very end? Odd.
Review will be written soon.
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