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Harborough Asylum is an abandoned mental hospital located on the outskirts of London. It was established in 1882 and soon built up a reputation as London's harshest institution thanks to its brutal and controversial treatments. After a string of mysterious patient deaths, said to number more than 40 victims, it was finally closed down during World War I and has been disused ever since. Despite this turn of events, Harborough Asylum remained one of England's most infamous sites, soon becoming the subject of an alarming number of local ghost stories. Now Harborough Asylum is a place where only the most bravest (or foolish) men would dare to tread.

You play as a renowned paranormal investigator, best known for solving a famous missing persons case several years ago. Tonight, Professor Harrison Blacktail, a mysterious academic somehow connected to the asylum's past, has turned up in your hotel room at the Imperial Arms. He has commissioned you for the most dangerous case of your career: search for three missing students inside Harborough Asylum, and discover whether the terrifying legends are true.


You - You're a paranormal investigator of some renown. Now you're about to face the most frightening case of your career.
Professor Blacktail - A mysterious demonology professor with some connection to Harborough Asylum.
Peter - A famous American cat burglar who came for the antique furniture and got much more than he bargained for.
Luana - A terrified psychic trapped in her worst nightmare.
Night Watchman - Guards the asylum from trespassers. How has he even survived for this long?