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Forever's End: Episode One Released!

  • NicoB
  • 05/16/2011 04:46 AM
Hey guys,

So yeah, here it is, just shy of six months after I planned to release it. Better late than never, I guess. So yes, this is Forever's End: Episode One; I'm not calling it a demo anymore because I believe it has far exceeded normal demo length. Hell, it's probably longer than most complete games on this site (with playtime lasting anywhere from 15 to over 20 hours).

I've been working on this thing like a fiend over the past few months, lost a lot of sleep, and killed a few people in the process; hopefully the final product will prove to be worth it.

Alright, now I'm going to put this in big bold letters so nobody misses it.


I posted a blog a few months ago and the general consensus was that old saves didn't matter, which I was thrilled to hear because making those saves compatible would have been serious pain. However, there is enough new content here that it should feel new to those who played the old versions, so don't worry. If, however, you are absolutely gung-freaking-ho about not starting a new game, PM me and I can send you a save file where you left off. Just know, if you do this, you will be missing out on a lot of new content.

Anyway, that's about it. Make sure you check the README.txt file before playing. Thanks so much to all my beta testers for their help, the guys who contributed maps, all 128 subscribers for giving me encouragement, and everyone who believed in this project. I love you all.



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And here we go. I'll give some feedback soon.
Cool, downloading it right now. Expect some gushing from me. 8D
You're welcome NicoB. Thanks again for the opportunity.
Once a member of RMN, always a member of RMN!
Dude... its been months since i cam on here and nearly shat myself when i saw that post... I stayed up, anxiously waiting for the download button to pop up, and clicked it as fast as I could. I am so stoked to get this rolling again!!

Cheers and good luck with future "demos"!!!
:-(((( I cannot make this game work or any of rpg2k3 game.....Must be problem with OS.RPG2k3 games stoped working after I instaled rpg2k3 program and now after I unistaled it,they still dont work. But I would like to play this game :-(
"It's frustrating because - as much as Corf is otherwise an irredeemable person - his 2k/3 mapping is on point." ~ psy_wombats
I'll be the first to ask, though undoubtedly not the first to notice, but was the "1337" download size an unintentional coincidence or a carefully-planned effort?

Downloading as we speak.
Woah, awesome. Gonna have to give this one a spin. Does this actually have a proper ending?
I guess he's an Xbox and I'm more Atari
It's going to be about 50% of the full game. However, after reading SorceressKrysty's article, I'm hesitating calling this a "demo" because it isn't exactly a short "demonstration." In fact, it's longer than many finished RPG Maker games out there (the average gameplay time is clocked in around 15-18 hours). But I can't say this is "Chapters 1-7" or something because I'm not really dividing the game into chapters either.

So I guess you could think of this as just another stage or a big chunk of the full game; saves from this release will be compatible with all future releases. Also, I think people will be more likely to play it if they don't get the impression that this is a quick technical demonstration.

Here ya go Maxximum! :D
Yeah, that's more or less what I expected. Kind of hoped he found some way of wrapping the chapter up instead of the game just cutting off.
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