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Episode One Update 2: Sound bug fixed!

Hey guys,

So with the help of Cherry, I was able to finally figure out what was causing that sound bug. Apparently, Power Mode 2003 (the thing I used for my custom title screen) used a file to play my music and sounds; so regardless of whether I installed disharmony, it would play through the fmodex provided with Power Mode. Anyway, it was that file that was giving me these sound effect bugs. I went ahead and uninstalled it and used some patches Cherry gave me. So a couple of important changes:

- Sound effect bug is gone (at least it should be; let me know if you continue to run into trouble)
- Autobattle is gone now; now there is zero chance of people unintentionally screwing up the battle code

I'm still looking into decreasing lag for people, so don't expect any changes on that end. However, it will probably be nice to not have to restart every time the sound cuts off. :)

NOTE: Your save files from previous versions of Episode One ARE STILL COMPATIBLE with this version, so don't worry! Feel free to update it if you'd like.


Episode One Update

Hey guys,

Just released version 1.02. Some people have been suffering some severe lag while playing in certain areas, namely the World Map and the High Road. I believe I have fixed the High Road problem. As for the World Map, simply press the '2' key while on the map. It will stop the water animations, and hopefully get rid of the lag. Note, you can't press the '2' key while a message box is being displayed. You will here a confirmation sound when it's on. Alternatively, pressing it again will turn the water animations on again.

I was also informed of a missing file that caused the game to crash later in the game. This is a pretty surprising discovery as I know a number of you have already finished the episode, but never mentioned encountering that crash. Well, regardless, the file is there now, so you shouldn't encounter anymore missing file crashes.

EDIT: Shit, sorry guys. I just realized I forgot to add some essential files for version 1.02. Anyway, for those of you who downloaded that version, here they are:


Don't know why, but the locker gets rid of the hyphens, so make sure you save each file as RnH-newmtn-(whatever number it is) and paste them into the Chipset (it will overwrite one file in there, make sure you say yes). Sorry about this guys.

I'm uploading the fixed version 1.03 here now.


Forever's End: Episode One Released!

Hey guys,

So yeah, here it is, just shy of six months after I planned to release it. Better late than never, I guess. So yes, this is Forever's End: Episode One; I'm not calling it a demo anymore because I believe it has far exceeded normal demo length. Hell, it's probably longer than most complete games on this site (with playtime lasting anywhere from 15 to over 20 hours).

I've been working on this thing like a fiend over the past few months, lost a lot of sleep, and killed a few people in the process; hopefully the final product will prove to be worth it.

Alright, now I'm going to put this in big bold letters so nobody misses it.


I posted a blog a few months ago and the general consensus was that old saves didn't matter, which I was thrilled to hear because making those saves compatible would have been serious pain. However, there is enough new content here that it should feel new to those who played the old versions, so don't worry. If, however, you are absolutely gung-freaking-ho about not starting a new game, PM me and I can send you a save file where you left off. Just know, if you do this, you will be missing out on a lot of new content.

Anyway, that's about it. Make sure you check the README.txt file before playing. Thanks so much to all my beta testers for their help, the guys who contributed maps, all 128 subscribers for giving me encouragement, and everyone who believed in this project. I love you all.



Release in One Week

Howdy ya'll,

So I just got the notes from my last beta tester, meaning all I've got left is to implement his changes and do some final clean up. So I'll be releasing this bad boy in one week on Sunday, May 15. I've gone ahead and removed the old downloads in preparation. Anyway, here's what some of the beta testers have had to say about the next release (I hope they don't mind me posting this).

"In my last review I gave it 4.5 stars out of 5. I'd probably still give it the same amount, but for a lot more reasons. Imagine it as a 9/10 because there's double the game and double to judge. Know what I mean? Basically, you've remained on the consistent "A" value that you started out as. And yes, I would definitely recommend it to others. I think you have a classic in the making, my friend." - Linkforce

"This game has the makings of a masterpiece. It takes an old school style of play and expands on it greatly. It's really hard to put what I wanna say in words. I loved everything about the game. It has all the things I love about RPGs; great story, unique and believable characters, excellent battle system, good puzzles (not too easy or too hard), an overworld, etc.

Right now, I'm really itching to play some more, because of how easily this game draws you into it's tale. It's like an amalgamation of every great RPG I've ever played rolled into one. This is coming from a guy who is 27 years old and cut his RPG teeth on Dragon Warrior, FF 1, and Wizardry. I went on to play so many classics such as FFIV, FFVI, Chrono Trigger, Rudra no Hihou, and Xenogears just to name a few. At this rate, Forever's End will be SUPERIOR to many of those classics and practically all of the RPGs in this console generation."
- Zadok83

"I’d give it four and a half stars now. I didn’t want to talk about my impressions of the game in my notes, but the game is a lot of fun and you get so sucked into the compelling story. I think it’s my favourite game on the site, and I have played Heroes Realm. I don’t think I’ve played a game worthy of five stars, it’s almost like saying the game is perfect....you can really see how you improved with time, you’re a much better developer than you were at the start, and like you, the game gets better the further you get. There’s a massive and impressively varied cast and I liked almost everyone. Lots of interesting features and excellent NPCs at every turn. I struggle to say bad things about the game, which is so unusual, and the amount of work and care you’ve put into the game just shines so brightly, you just can’t help but notice and say “Wow, that‘s neat”. I know that my Villnoire would never have been this good, so I’m very glad to see my maps used in a such a fantastic game.

tldr: I love it, I really love it."
- LittleWingGuy

"Without the bugs, I'd defs give it 5 stars; i really, really enjoyed it!

-Believable/whacky characters that have good relationships with each other
-Amazing mapping.
-Nice animation for each of the characters.
-Relevant music that works really well in each situation
-Emotional/moving cutscenes
-Fun battles (which is hard to do in an RPG!)
-Interesting NPC's.
-(and then i just said etc. cos i thought i was getting a bit mushy hahaha)"
- boobledeeboo

I can't wait to show you all what I've been working on. I hope you guys will check it out on Sunday!


I'm Starting to Feel Kinda Nauseous.........

You ever get that feeling when you been working on your game for so long that just working on it makes you feel nauseous? Like, "Damn it, time to watch this cutscene again for the ten millionth time" or "Fuck, I'm running outta shit for these NPC's to say" or "Time to spend two hours making battle animations" or "Why....isn't this....finished yet?!" Yeah, that's how I'm feeling right this second.

I had this same feeling when I worked on it during 2009's Christmas while trying to get the Christmas demo ready (the one that is currently available). It's weird, I've probably worked on it even longer than I did back then in addition to these past three months, and yet it's not til I'm really close to being finished that I start feeling this way. I feel like I'm inches away, but there's still some of that shit that I really don't want to do (like adding Epoch's new Blade arts to the upgrade menu and finishing the monster notebook and finishing the tutorial book that keeps track of everything). Just thinking about it makes me want to throw up.

Normally, I'd just say, "Fuck this," and move on to something else for awhile, but I honestly just want this to be done as soon as possible because I feel like it's been sitting in my lap forever now. Also, there's definitely stuff I should be spending more time on these days, but I feel like I can't focus with this still unfinished.

I must be fucking crazy to be spending so much time and effort on something that A) isn't earning me any money and B) should be more like a hobby. At what point does something turn from a mere hobby into an obsession? Right now, I just want this to be finished.....


Looking for some Beta Testers

Hey guys,

So I'm finally winding down with this demo. The enemies and party abilities are done, I just need to add some NPCs and some nifty sidequest stuff. Anyway, would anyone be willing to beta test this bad boy? I probably won't have it ready for testing for about a week or so, but I thought I might as well get this established now.

I didn't have anyone beta test the last demo, and as a result, some areas were kinda buggy. I'd like to try and avoid that happening this go around. I'd really appreciate the help!


Character Breakdown - Ziggy Romain

Next up, we've got...

Ziggy Romain

Bio: A happy-go-lucky thief who loves going on adventures and heists. He never plans anything out and usually just improvises with about everything he does. He is accompanied by his fellow thieves and best friends, Lyle and Lindor.

Abilities: Ziggy is the son of a famous gun dealer, Allen Romain, who is known all over Linguardia for selling high quality weaponry; Ziggy has been taught the ins and the outs of the trade, and thus can be considered a firearm specialist. By equipping different guns both in and out of battle, Ziggy can easily turn the odds in his favor. Think of Edgar's Tools from Final Fantasy VI with a few notable differences. He also has the ability to equip heraldry books and cast magic.

Here's some examples of a few of his firearms:


A gun that is used best when facing off against a single opponent. It can pierce armor and inflict strong damage.


The crossbow is the perfect weapon for handling a large group of enemies and can attack multiple opponents at once.

A firearm capable of inflicting massive damage on a single enemy. However, because of its unwieldy size, it greatly decreases Ziggy's speed and defense.

Ziggy can purchase new guns at Tool Shops, as well as weapon upgrades and special ammunition for his firearms.

Here's a video so you all can see his abilities firsthand:


Character Breakdown - Cyrus Lodestar

Hey guys! So as I slowly approach the release of this new demo, I'm going to be posting info about some of the new party members. First off, it's...

Cyrus Lodestar

Bio: A laid-back, easygoing mercenary who accompanies Lee and Goldo as they head towards Dorent. He loves going to bars, getting plastered, and hitting on the ladies, which usually results in him getting thrown out. Although Cyrus comes across as a drunken fool, he is also an extremely formidable warrior. His nickname among other mercenaries is the "Drunken Swordmaster."

Abilities: Cyrus has been trained in the art of Drunken Kai, a very unique kind of fighting that uses alcohol as a catalyst to unlocking his hidden powers. Depending on the type of alcohol he drinks, Cyrus can take on many forms, which give him new abilities and change his general statistics. However, while he becomes stronger in certain aspects, he also becomes weaker in others. It is up to the player to decide which form is most suitable for the situation.

Here's some examples of a few of his forms:

Trigger: Tequila

A form that specializes in black magic. Increases resistance to magic attacks, but decreases to physical.

Trigger: Scotch

A form that specializes in dealing physical damage. Greatly increases health and attack, but decreases defense to attacks.

Trigger: Vodka

A form that specializes in white magic. Greatly decreases health and attack power, but greatly increases magic.

Cyrus gains new forms by buying new drinks at bars. He can also buy specialty drinks, which can be used to upgrade the abilities of his transformations. These specialty drinks can be acquired by fulfilling certain conditions for the bartender.

Here's a video so you all can see his abilities firsthand:

This also shows off another new addition I've made to the battle system. You may have noticed some elements like Thunder and Ice in the top bar when selecting an enemy. These are the elemental weaknesses of the enemy. After scanning an enemy, their elemental weakness will appear permanently when selecting the enemy, so you don't have to constantly rescan enemies to remember their weaknesses. Thought it might be pretty useful.


Even forever has an end...

So I'm sure most of you are aware of the imminent death of our beloved RMN. It is definitely a sad see this site disappear from existence, and it's caused me to think back on the time I've spent here.

The Past

I had bought the original RPG Maker for the Playstation 1 back when I was probably 13 and sank easily hundreds of hours into making what was probably the shittiest RPG ever. But it was my shitty RPG, damn it! My dad and a few of my buddies were my only audience, but I didn't care. It just felt so good to make something that I could call my own. However, towards the end of high school, I decided it was time for me to put aside the maker and move on to other things....or so I thought.

Around my freshman year of college, I came across RPG Maker 2003. Originally, I thought this engine was the coolest thing ever. Writing messages without using the D-Pad?! No freaking way!! Just for fun, I decided to mess around with the engine and see just how much better it was than its early predecessor. I had no intention of sinking hundreds of hours into another project; it was just a test. I thought up a nice little story in my head, hit the new project button, and typed in the title: "Forever's End."

I'm not really sure when I decided to start working on this seriously. I think it was after playing Demon Legacy, a game that, to this day, is still one of my favorite freeware RPGs. Upon completing it, I realized that despite its rather limited capabilities, it was actually possible to make an some pretty amazing games. I always loved writing stories and playing RPGs, and my head was constantly coming up with new ideas. So I decided, "Why the hell not? Maybe I'll make something people will actually like..."

I joined this site back in 2008, back when RMN v2 was still in style. My game didn't really garner much attention initially, and most people who played it thought the graphics were inconsistent, the gameplay was boring, and the plot was cliche. At first, I was pretty disheartened. But then, after some thought, I realized that these people were simply trying to help me, not put me down. If I could fix these problems, it would make my game that much more appealing.

So I edited it....a lot. I tried to fix every criticism that was brought up to me. Over the course of three years, I've released a total of four demos, with the first three being different versions of the same one, and the last one being the most recent. All together, I've garnered over 100,000 profile view, 110 subscribers, 13 reviews, and 2600 downloads (for the most recent demo). I've definitely been pretty happy with the support I've received, and I'm glad to see that people have been for the most part enjoying the game.

The Future

So what is the future of Forever's End? Don't worry, just because RMN is taking its final breath, doesn't mean this project is. I've been too much work into this game to let it end now. Also, I can't put to waste the insane amount of help I've received from the community or disappoint the people who are looking forward to the final product. Besides, I want to see my story become a reality.

I've decided to start my own blog at this link:


I've barely started working on it yet (as you can plainly see), and honestly don't have a clue what I'm doing. Because I really would rather spend my time working on my game rather than trying to figure out all of the little nuances of making a blog, I wanted to ask whether any of you would be willing to help me design a sexy blog for my game. I am even willing to go as far as to pay this person for his/her services (via PayPal). Preferably, I'd like someone with some experience with CSS coding and/or working with blogs. If anyone would be willing to help, I'd be forever in their debt. Also, I'd be able to get this demo out much sooner.

Final Words

This will likely be the last blog I'll post on RMN. I'm really sad to see such a great site go away, but I suppose nothing lasts forever. I'd like to thank all of you for your endless support over the years. You all are the reason I keep going back to the editor and pushing forward. I hope once I'm finished, I can leave you all with an experience you'll enjoy. Big thanks to boobledeeboo for the numerous scenes she has done for me, Ultima, Lennon, LittleWingGuy, and Rei for their help with mapping, BurningTyger for his help with the plot, the 13 people who reviewed my game, and the 2600 people who gave my game a chance. For any subscribers that are still interested in my project, you can continue follow me on my blog (which will become something soon, I promise). I'll also be joining Meridian Dance and be posting updates there. I'd also like to give one last shout out to WIP for making such a wonderful site and letting me post my game. I'm sure he will continue to be successful in all of his future endeavors.

Take care everyone.




Old Save Files

So as I've been working on the battles and balancing, I've had to go back and edit some characters' statistics. As a result, it's going to be difficult to convert save files from the previous demo so that they work properly for the new one. So I just wanted to ask you all, how important is it that you play the new demo with your old save file? I could always provide a save file that starts where the last demo left off. Also, not having to deal with the conversion would help me in getting this out sooner.

But if you'd all rather play the new one with your old saves, then I'll do my best to convert them. I can't guarantee they will be perfect though, as there are enormous number of changes to take into account.

Oh and here's a new screenshot, because I'm tired of posting wordy blogs: