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400 download marker

Just hit the 400 download marker! Woohoo! Whoever downloaded my game at 10:32 PM, you've just won ten million dollars!!! Byahhh!!!

Alright, not really; but imagine how sweet it would've been if you had.

Anyway, not much else to report on game progress, mainly because I've been playing the hell outta Starless Umbra (which if you haven't heard, has a new chapter out, so check out his site!). I've begun work on Lyonell Manor and the story that accompanies it. I'm also working on a new character, Cyrus, who I'll discuss later when I get my game description updated (which really needs to be).

Thanks to everyone for downloading (and the reviews I've received) and I'll will continue to keep ya posted on new updates!


Progress Report 2

Alright, it's been a little while since I've reported any new changes. Truthfully, I haven't really been putting a lot of time in this recently. However, I do have some cool stuff to show.

- respawn system is gone; now once you eliminate on monsters in an area, your party will be rewarded with some nice stat upgrades
- adrenaline system coding is pretty much finished, I just have to tweak a few things and add the code to every battle
- added a "Monster Hunting" sidequest; I plan to expand alot on this, and I'll post some new screenshots when I get the chance
- working on a "Stat Building" system which may be used in addition to level gaining or replace it all together. However, I still trying to figure this out.
- decreased monster difficulty (again); I'm hoping that all the additions in stat building won't make the battles too easy, but I doubt that will be a problem.

I'm going to go ahead and post some screenshots of the CMS for the monster hunting sidequest. I haven't really gotten much further in the plot, just because I'm still trying to perfect the gameplay aspect before I get too much further. Hopefully, I will something new to show off by new RSD (and I emphasize "hopefully").


Good News

I'm happy to report I've successfully gotten OGG files to playback in my game. For those of you who don't know what an OGG file is, it is basically a more compressed version of the MP3. Each OGG file takes up about half (some even less) than the original MP3. This should significantly decrease the file size of my next version and allow me to add more music in my game. Sweet!


Progress Report

Celebrating 100 downloads! Wooooo!

Alright, here's where I am currently in revising:

- almost finished with the "New Marcellus" look. It's essentially the same looking guy, but he better matches the other characters in style.
- added an "Adrenaline" system; this isn't anything revolutionary. As you attack and defend, your adrenaline bar will increase. When full, you can unleash an Adrenaline technique, which can deal serious damage or significantly heal your party.
- increased the damage of Epoch's blade arts some and decreased the mana cost
- added the option to skip the introduction; I also added a few additional scenes in the background while the credits roll so people have something to watch.

That's basically it right now. Once I'm finished polishing everything, I can continue where I left off in the story. Again, thanks for the feedback.


Changes You Can Expect For The Next Demo

I'm not going to be releasing another demo for a little while, but here are some things I plan on changing based on the feedback I've gotten:

- Obviously, I've made it too difficult if everyone is struggling, so I will probably have someone beta test what I've got and help me with that. I really didn't think it was that hard, but I suppose as creator and understander of every aspect of the game, I've got a serious advantage. I won't be needing a beta tester right now, but I probably will before my next release, so if anyone is interested let me know.
- changing some of the graphics to be more consistent with the games graphical style (i.e. Marcellus)
- changing a few areas of the dialogue to help make the story more coherent
- I am currently working on ways to "spice" up the battles some; I haven't really gotten any feedback about the heraldry system, has anyone gotten that far and if so let me know what you thought.
- fixing the mapping issues
- giving the option of skipping the credits

Thank you all for the feedback; it will help me alot in making the next version even better.


Just So People Know....

I made the poor assumption that everyone was a "have to find everything" kinda person like me. Well, just so nobody runs into anymore difficulty problems, Epoch's first and most important blade art is in the room next to his in the beginning. YOU WILL NEED THIS SKILL, TRUST ME!!


New Screenshots Means New Version

Alright, I've gone ahead and posted some new screenshots. Many of you will notice I've gotten rid of the old facesets and replaced them with more consistent ones. This new version will include:

- New facesets
- A more balanced battle system
- NO BUGS - I am test playing the demo after I use RM tool this time
- Some change in the music
- Smaller download size
- Addition of collectable "Gaia Shards"
- The ability to escape from battles
- A few other minor changes here and there

I am finishing the final touches on the Version III and hope to release it this week. I've deleted the other demo versions because they were bugged in some way, and so those who haven't tried this game yet play the balanced, more clean-cut version.


Version 3, third times the charm

Alright, it is becoming increasingly obvious to me that RM tool went and deleted a bunch of files that should've stayed. For that reason (and other balancing issues), I plan on releasing a third and final version of Demo I sometime in the near future. This demo will include:

- Decreased difficulty, in order to balance the fighting some
- NO BUGS, and this time, I will test play the corrected version when I'm done (which I neglected to do the first time)
- Possible decrease in file size; I may changer some of my MP3s to midi's to make it more downloader friendly
- A few map edits towards the middle I've been meaning to fix
- Changing some (or maybe all) the facesets to better match the game's theme

I still haven't gotten much feedback at all from my game. Please, if you come across a problem, or just feel like criticizing my game, don't hesitate to send me a message. I love feedback, and any problem you may have I will fix immediately. Oh and if you enjoy it, I always enjoy hearing praise. :) Thanks.


Old Download

The first download I posted apparently had one of the picture files missing. It's a small file, and I'm posting it next to my new download in the download section. If you have the old one, just download the pictures and copy and paste into the picture folder.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Someone has just informed me of a missing character file, and I'm posting the download now. I used RM Tool to remove my unnecessary files, and I don't why it has removed ones I did use. Sorry again.


File Size

Yeah, I know the file size is huge. But I urge you give it a try. It's pretty much the MP3s, but don't worry, they're good MP3s and this demo is at least two to three hours.

This is the smallest I could get it; if there are alot of complaints I'll try to decrease it more, but I'd rather not cut anything unless it's really necessary.