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Tasty--but could use some more salt.

  • YDS
  • 07/10/2010 06:16 AM

Forever’s End

Verdict: Tasty—but needs some more salt. I think that Forever’s End is a very good game, though it
is still a demo and there are a lot of minor things that need to be fixed. It plays like a traditional SNES-era RPG and
makes me feel nostalgic. Despite of the fact that the introduction was very cliche to the max, the game picked up towards
the end and it is definitely worth a try.

This game is for you if like ... traditional SNES-Era RPGs, plot twists, good characterization and development
This game is not for you if like ... avant-garde, a super unique experience

My Review Policies

.I just review these games for two reasons: (1) to give gamers a good sense of what the game is, and
if it is their type of game or not and (2) to help the developers make better games in the future. I've seen a lot of people
get a lot of crap in the past for making critical reviews and people accusing others of "being jealous." I really hope that
no one does the same to me. Anything I write here is no personal and is not meant to offend others. I am just a hobbyist.
.Criteria I try to be a bit understanding and sympathetic to the developer and understand the limitations
of a homebrewing hobbyist (who is more likely a jobless youth) so I am not too picky about having custom content.) Though as
a player, I have expectations too. I grade games on a F - A scale.
The stars, in my opinion, are multipled by x2. So
1-2 = F
3 = D
3.5 = C
4 = B
4.5 - 5 = A

.This game focuses on a Dragon Knight captain, Epoch and the political problems around him. His ruler,
King Richard, has been behaving rather strangely lately and sends his men to viciously seize crystals from neighboring villages
and countries to further his goal of making “peace” in the world. However, our hero questions the methods and true intent of his
once benevolent king. Though the story is mostly linear, the focus does deviate from Epoch time to time and we are introduced
and take on the roles of other characters such as Lee, a boy who is escaping capture from Epoch’s home country and Alexander,
a “crusader” from the distant past.

.Healing. Healing. Healing. For the most part, I felt that the combat was pretty solid for a DBS game.
I’ve read that some people complain about difficulty issues, though I think this game was decently balanced out. The one thing
that annoys me is that you have to use tech skills since my attacks, for some odd reason, is really weak. It’s just irritating
to me that I have to constantly replenish my MP every few turns. Luckily MP recovering items are cheap in this game, as are
recovery items—but I feel as though so many turns are wasted just replenishing.
.Interface. No complaints here—I think tutorials were well done later on with pictures. To be honest,
text-based tutorials just has me zooming past everything without paying any attention. No other complaints. Walk speed is fine.
Interface is okay. I think it would be a nice touch if I didn’t see the limit break/whatever bar on my face in the save menu
and in general, but that isn’t a massive issue.

three and a half yummy drumsticks – It was okay. I can tell that nicoB put in a lot of effort to make this game varied.


.Wtf is up with those animations? Some of the animation usage in this game was mighty cheesy. Like
the explosion one. Sometimes they were just uneeded and it looked silly. However, the attack animations, etc. in this game were
very smooth and done very well. I think one of the best is Slade’s as noted inside the NOTES. However, I think, during
cutscenes, NicoB ought to lay off on them. They look silly and comic when overused and when you use cheesy RTP effects.
.Mapping. I noticed that the mapping improved a lot towards the latter half of the game. I also heard
that there was a mapper used? I dunno, but in the beginning, the maps were okay … a lot of empty spaces and boring places—however,
I think the World Map looks gorgeous. Most people don’t pull World Maps off very well, but NicoB’s world looks beautiful.
Later on, the towns and forest looks very solid too, such as the Namu Station.
.Consistency. One thing I appreciate about this game is, for the most part, it is pretty consistent-looking.
While it draws from Rudra graphics and other sources, they blend in with each other okay.

four yummy drumsticks – I liked the way this game looked!

. Just distracting! It seems as though Forever’s End draws game music from a variety of sources, from
Wild Arms 2, Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross, Final Fantasy 7, Final Fantasy 8—the list goes on. I guess it is okay considering
he doesn’t have all of the resources on his hands, though the one thing that bothers me is that it does get very distracting to
focus on the game when you use overused and popular tracks from popular games. That said, there is nothing really special to
note—other than perhaps he just uses so many different tracks to the point where it just becomes somewhat distracting …
.Sound effackz. Sound effects were okay. Nothing wrong. Typically drawn from Final Fantasy games.

two yummy drumsticks – Nothing really to note.

.Where have I heard of this before ... So the beginning of Forever’s End totally turned me off. I thought,
“What? This is a shameless rip off of Final Fantasy IV.” Though I was surprised when I talked to NicoB later and he said Final
Fantasy IV was not an inspiration. The parallels burn: high ranking soldier doubts his king, his king is acting odd, his king
sends him off to villages to get crystals, he starts off reflecting from his last crystal mission, he goes off with a comrade
who acts aggressive/doesn’t care, he has to defeat some summoners—come on, bro. You could have seen this while you were writing
the story out … The way this game started off really bothered me because I thought it was going to be rip-off trash. Though I
stuck with it and I am glad I did.
.Developments Luckily for Forever’s End, things get a lot better after the first … two or so hours of
playing in the game. The perspectives change (though sometimes I feel as though it changes too much) and different aspects of
the game’s plot are introduced which really catches your attention.
.My brain hurts. After awhile … I felt that there was so much going on in one time. There were just so
many characters that were introduced, I can’t remember them all. I don’t think there is anything you can do about it at this
point, but it might be something to think about as you continue writing this game.

four yummy drumsticks – I was really torn about this score. My distaste for the beginning and how much I liked the
characters and plot twists towards the end …

A tasty game that is worth your time—it could be cooked a bit differently here and there, but I think it counts as
“fine cuisine!”

My Notes During the Game

- Is this an error? The scholar guy leaves and stands in the corner at the entrance of the castle and just ignores me.
- Haha. I just got PWNed by the first boss. I thought it was a battle we were suppose to lose at first because the boss seemed
so foreboding.
- You know, this game feels like FF4 so far.
- What's all of these sparkly things?
- Dramatic. I like the atmosphere in this town. Like how the kid is outside.
- Cool effect with the crystal
- Inconsistent battle transition to the Elise girl compared to the last boss. I liked the last transition better
- What's up with the random anime screen "Forever's End"?
- I am in the prison about to break out when a random blue book appears in the corner. What is the meaning of that?
- I just noticed that there are no sound effects. Is this some sort of error?
- Wow, he (Claude) killed himself.
- Amigo, there is a bug in the girl's room. I can stand on her bed.
- Slade's animation was really cool, but Elise's is kind of awkward.
- I am at the cutscene in the desert fortress with the boy. Idk, all of these flashy animations are kind of cheesy. No need to have so much of them.
- So many characters. So many concepts. I can't keep track of them all.
- wtf is the doom status effect?
- @ Hooded Man: Ooo plot twist!
- Frederick? Man, just too many names and too much to digest. This is a game that could benefit from an encyclopedia or something.
- I do like the music choice ... but it feels so consistent. Going from high-quality sound to midis?
- I do like the scene with Epoch and Elise
- How does that old man know all of this about granting aslyums?
- Oh my. I don't like your other maps much, but the world map is beautiful.
- Nice tut. It would have been nice if there was a place for us to read about status disorders too!
- Hey, I thought Epoch threw the ring away. Why do I still have the Dragon Knight ring?
- What the hell? i just died. killed by the new commander who's name i cannot remember because this game has so many characters and concepts.
- I had no idea that cup heals.
- You think a magical girl like Elise would know about demons.
- Bug: The waterfall at the initial teleportor in the cave Lee is in does not work
- I don't get it. The door is locked and the stairs don't work. I am inside the dream of Alexander. Oh, I figured it out.
- Ooo plot-twist.
- This guy, Goldo, doesn't really look much like a goblin. I think of him more of a Yoshi-type. Heh. Idk, some sort of reptilian.
- "Marcellus: Wars are fought by feaful kings," - feaRful.
- This battle is a pain because Lee is such a weakcake. I finally beat the boss of this pass though I pressed the space button so hard and so many times, the sound froze and it keeps on playing the switch sound over and over. It is probably a DBS error.
- What's wrong with the guy in the Namu weapon shop? He is just ignoring me.
- Okay, this town is not done.


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Wow, you are on a roll. Good review. I might try this out sometime when I have a strong hankering for nostalgia.
WHOA wow wow. two tails? that is a sexy idea...
only 90mb. i'll stick with 14mb balmung.
Thanks for the review, YDS. I like your cute style and the notes at the end were a big help. I will definitely take some of your critiques to heart.
excellently set out review there, easy to read, spoiler free and had a few pictures. I wish more reviews could be like this :)
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