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Cliff Hanger

Overall, it was worth playing, even though it did cut off at a point where no one wants it to, but that's the point of a teaser.

Plot: 5/5
Excellent plot, it grew more and more engaging as you moved along. Wasn't confusing at all, but didn't make things so obvious you felt like a Harvard graduate in preschool. It made you think about the story itself, as well as other factors in life, which is awesome in a game.

Mapping 3.5/5
The world map is excellent, but the playing maps were ok, with some annoyances. Where there was an overhang, usually with trees, I found it to be a major pain to try and find the right way, which ended up in repeated mob fights and random arrow key pressing until it worked. Not the game's strong point.

Music 3/5
Due to a mjaority of RPG's music sucking, I usually don't even have it on and write it off, but this one I tried, and the battle music was good, but anything else didn't make an impact on me, but not annoying enough to switch to my iPod.

Battle 3.5/5
I love when games have the mobs on the map, I find it amusing to do donuts with them, but that's beside the point. The varying speeds of them was interesting, but also highly annoying at times. Also, on some maps they respawned, and others they didn't, which got annoying when they did respawn. The in-battle system was great, I love Lee's ability and also the heraldry books. However, I found myself buying and running low on potions a lot and restarting because I'd be mid map and have to rethink how I'd get through the rest of it. Nothing was to hard, but it did make me go ef, almost died again a bunch.

The savepoints were probaly the worst thing about the game, I'd always be running back to somewhere way back in the game to save because I just went through a huge cutscene and then had to go into a map with mobs that had no save point. Also the animations, such as Epoch or Elise going O_O at times, or resting, looking sad etc. was great.

I say play it, and can't wait until it's finished.


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I didn't have problems with the save points as there were plenty scattered around.
Thank you for the great review. You definitely make some good points, and you'll be happy to know I am completely ditching the respawning monsters. I'll also try to do something about those map overhangs. I didn't know savepoints were an issue, so send me a message and tell me where specifically you ran into this problem so I can fix it. Thanks again for the review and I am glad you enjoyed it!
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