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A game for 2014 IGMC by Marimo and Caz
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“This soufflé has sunk so far, it brought back souvenirs from Atlantis!”

“The sponge is so bad, even the frosting is running from it!”

Dragons were never the best of cooks, despite themselves being baked in the burning core of the planet itself for 30 minutes - and not a second longer - at precisely 6000 degrees (or gas mark 421 to some of you well-seasoned cooks).

Spawned from the mighty oven of the universe, they desire just one thing from this world: cake.

Well, okay – cake and virgins. But mostly cake.

And although they were born as a result of such mighty talent, they are not always so lucky to possess such a skill themselves. This is where the humans come in, for so long as we bake delicious goods for our scaly overlords, our virgins will stay safe and go mostly unconsumed.

Of course, no two dragons are the same, and some can be a little.. greedy.

Atop the tallest mountain of Draigville, in the deepest depths of the ancient catacombs, lives one such dragon: enter Gordon Roarsay. Don't let his sexy accent fool you; this oversized lizard means some pretty spongy business.

He has been quite the terror to Draigville for rather a long time now, and is on the verge of eating even his own kin to satiate his cake-lusting needs. Almost every business in the town has widened its scope to the bakery market – a desperate last resort to save themselves from Roarsay's hunger.

But dragons do make such lousy cooks..

At the well renowned Draigville Bakery on Main Street, Dunkin scrapes together the last of his savings to hire a fancy new chef from a sophisticated pastry school.

But this chef is perhaps not of the calibre Dunkin had expected from such a prestigious establishment..

- You can whip up a storm of dragon-themed baked goods to appease the humans, and keep your shop topped up with stock.

- Haggle with your customers over the price of each sale. Keep a balance between your shop's cleanliness and serving customers to earn as much money as possible!

- If I can get it done in time, you will be able to cook each product yourself, and maybe even venture out and collect the ingredients yourself.. but we'll see!

Latest Blog

Shops, Maps, New Music!

Hi there, long time no speak! Still hard at work, polishing this thing up!

If you hadn't already seen in the new images for the game, I've been busily sprucing up the Shop part of the game. This is the place where, in the contest build, you could buy extra shelves and extra ingredients. For the time being, you can buy Wardrobe items here as well as ingredients, but at a later point, I plan to add some customisation elements to the game where you can choose how your bakery looks.

Huffy lady is a placeholder until we get an even grumpier merchant!

Also got ourselves a minimap for exploring new areas! You can unlock new places to go such as harvesting areas and minibosses!

And check out the Wardrobe's new music! It's pretty damn sweet!

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  • Caz
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
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  • 06/21/2014 11:08 PM
  • 12/02/2016 01:13 PM
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Ahhhh this is really cute! Seems like a nice way to spend time too. I'll look forward to this~
Thanks you guys, it's been super fun working alongside Marimo on this one and I hope we can reflect our excitement in the finished product! :D
The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
Looks like my type of game. Sounds totally like my type of game.
This is the kind of entry this contest needed, really.
Just a mix of pure craziness and pure awesomeness <3
This game reminds me so much of my old job, lol.

I’ll give this a subscribe for now. Good luck with the contest, though.
Liberté, égalité, fraternité
Oh my, this one looks brilliant. What a delightful concept.

Gas mark 421, I can just hear Delia saying that.
Absolutely beautiful and abosutely subscribed! :)
lol, I couldn't help laughing when I read the description. I'll keep an eye on this
future gem. XD
I didn't quite see the pun in the title till I googled Tirawrmisu, confused of why they wanted me to spell it tiramisu. What a "ohhh, I get it now" moment :p. Sounds like fun, these types of games have always interested me. Can't wait to play!
Hm i Wonder if i can pul somethi goff here/
I didn't quite see the pun in the title till I googled Tirawrmisu, confused of why they wanted me to spell it tiramisu. What a "ohhh, I get it now" moment :p. Sounds like fun, these types of games have always interested me. Can't wait to play!
Actually I think it's a layer cake of puns: tiramisu/ terror/ rawr. (Also, Tirror is the setting of the Dragonbards Trilogy, but surely that is a coincidence.)
Tried your demo.Seems like a real fun game,cute graphics and gameplay.A little funny with the cupcake monsters.NO cupcake please dont eat me ! :P

Your game is very good,wish you guys the best of luck in the contest.
I also made a game for the contest, its been real fun and of course lots of hard work.I imagine you guys been working hard as well ;)

Im looking forward to the full version.I tend to love these kind of games.
Liberté, égalité, fraternité
Wait, have you guys submitted it to the actual contest? I can't find it there.

I can't either. There is the link to the thread at the forum, but not the submission. I really hope they got it in in time. Maybe they had it in as a private submission which means we can't see it. but the judges can. Given the numbers for the later games (in the 770's) and the fact there is only 68 pages @ 10 games per page, there has to be about 100 games that we can't see.

e: Hey thanks guys for sticking the link up in the profile.
This game has been really fun so far! There were a few places that left me confused (how to exit the oven/ingredients all being used up quickly, how to level, etc.) and the time system was a bit disappointing (people were still coming at 4am?) It reminded me a lot of Recettear, which I enjoyed. c:

I'll probably vote for this in the contest!
Thanks Berri, I'm glad you enjoyed it! :D

The time system starts off slowly so you won't get so much custom in the night, but as you level up people start coming in all the time. I think I went a little too far though and put too many customers in.. oops..
Yellow Magic
Could I BE any more Chandler Bing from Friends (TM)?
the time system was a bit disappointing (people were still coming at 4am?)

Heavy partiers with the munchies?
Tirawrmisu Bakery don' discriminate. There for all your sudden craving needs, come rain or shine!
Nessiah's Seme-kun
Ahh thank you everyone for playing/enjoying/leaving feedback on the game~ <3 It was a GREAT JOY to work with Caz on it and I'm glad you're able to have a part of the fun we had in making it. <:3c
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