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Progress Report

Shops, Maps, New Music!

Hi there, long time no speak! Still hard at work, polishing this thing up!

If you hadn't already seen in the new images for the game, I've been busily sprucing up the Shop part of the game. This is the place where, in the contest build, you could buy extra shelves and extra ingredients. For the time being, you can buy Wardrobe items here as well as ingredients, but at a later point, I plan to add some customisation elements to the game where you can choose how your bakery looks.

Huffy lady is a placeholder until we get an even grumpier merchant!

Also got ourselves a minimap for exploring new areas! You can unlock new places to go such as harvesting areas and minibosses!

And check out the Wardrobe's new music! It's pretty damn sweet!


We Tirawr-missed-u.. okay terrible I'm sorry I'm going.

So you might've noticed we haven't really updated in an eternity, although I said I'd work on a patch for a couple of issues the contest build had quite some time ago now. That's because we've been working on something: going commercial.

We're aiming to polish the game up pretty nicely, fix the mistakes from the contest, and add a whole lot more content. I've added some images of the kind of thing we've been working on, but it's probably easier if I just provide a list of some of the stuff we're planning to do.

- Change the music: We've got a really awesome composer on our side for this one, and you can expect to hear some amazing, professional tunes that suit the game much better.

- Change the graphics: You might've seen from the new screenshots already, but we've changed all the tiles and sprites, and we're working on some potential cutsceney stuff and finishing portraits.

- Complex recipes: Each recipe has its own method to prepare it. No more tedious sliding bar every time you make something. Now you have to follow each different recipe and put the food together in some slightly more inspired minigames.

- Easier interfaces: The recipe interface for sure is much easier to navigate and understand, showing you inventory quantities and the like. We're hoping the menu to move around from place to place will be a bit cuter soon too!

- Customer interactivity: Some customers get a bit lost and don't know where to find what they're looking for. You can point them in the right direction so they don't leave unhappy.

- On-screen inventory when harvesting: This says it all, but a lot of people complained about not knowing what ingredients they had to hand while out harvesting. Now you can see in real time exactly what ingredients you're carrying when you're out and about.

- Wardrobe: This is actually my favourite part of the game. You can now dress Aarin up in cute little outfits for personal pleasure, but also for some cool bonus effects that can help you bake, collect ingredients and make money.

That's all I can list off the top of my head for now, but there's definitely a lot of work being pumped into this game every day to make it as polished and playable as possible!

Progress Report

Early Demo for Playtesters

Ahoy thar!

For anyone who fancies giving bug testing a Viennese Whirl (okay that was a push, I promise I won't make puns outside of the game again..), we are uploading a demo two days before the deadline! And yes, we are crazy!

The game will be devoid of story for the time being, and contain only the three main gameplay elements: running the shop, baking and collecting ingredients. I realise there's not a tutorial or anything when you start for this very reason, so here are some tips:

- To collect ingredients, sneak past the Cupkrakens in the Gateaux-Black Forest and press enter by the big ingredient piles (the flour/cream, the sugar, and the chocolate/eggs). You will pick up a random item from the pile, some of which can be pretty rare. Sneak back past the Cupkraken and press enter at your chest at the entrance. If you hit enter when you're not near the chest, you'll drop the item. Similarly, if a Cupkraken hits you, you drop the item. If you're hit three times, you are rather annoyingly sent back to the start! Oh nooo! Once an item is in your chest, it is safe and in your inventory.

- To bake with your ingredients, make sure the shop is shut and head into your kitchen in the Bakery. Interact with the oven or countertops and a new menu will appear. Provided you have the ingredients, you can select an item to bake. Once you do this, a sliderbar will appear. When the pointer is directed at the red area in the bar, press enter. If you succeed, you will bake the item, and if not.. well.. god knows what you did, but it didn't work, that's for sure! This process will keep going until you hit escape or run out of ingredients.

- To sell your items, approach one of your displays and press enter. You can select one of your pastries to sell in the menu. If there are already pastries there, you have the option to replenish stock with baked goods in your inventory or remove the item altogether. When you're happy with your layout, visit the sign on the right-hand window. Interacting with the sign flips it to open, and your customers will start to come in. Between 6am-8pm will be most active, whereas the nighttime will get pretty quiet.

- If a customer shows interest in an item, a music note will appear above his/her head and they will walk to the counter. Go to the other side of the counter to serve them, and select a price. Initially it will always show the base price of the item which most customers will happily pay for. Some of the cheaper customers (like the kid) won't even pay full price unless your shop is exceptionally clean. You can haggle three times before customers get annoyed and walk out.

- Keep your shop clean while it's open. Press enter over the rubbish piles that appear in the shop to sweep them away. Keeping them there will not have a negative impact, but after sweeping, your prices will gain a bonus for a short time. This means you can clean and clean until customers pay much more than the base price for your items.

- Hygiene rating is a stat that increases with every pile of rubbish you clean. When you have a high enough hygiene rating, you can buy new items from the shop!

I am hoping that is all, but do give us a bell if you're having troubles or you've found a bug. Thank you all for your interest~!
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