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Painted Heart now released!

We've tried our best to make a beautiful and light game for you to enjoy-- if you give it a try, I hope you have fun!

If you think our game is pretty cool, please consider supporting us in the contest ;D

Feel free to share this game with friends and family. This game is appropriate for all ages-- no trickery this time!

With any luck there won't be any major bugs, but to ensure that you have a smooth playthrough please don't button mash. The game is 99% evented with a lot of custom button actions, so who knows what madness will happen if you do? (Hint: nothing good).

Anyway, have fun!

Progress Report

Finished by the skin of our teeth!

Painted Heart is ready for beta testing!

All of our game features are now fully functional. What's left is ironing out the last bugs before we upload our game. You can expect the finished game to be release tomorrow!

In other news, after nhubi mentioned that the game needs a strong story to work, we revamped the story and dialogues almost completely thanks to Chaude, a long-time friend who's especially gifted in writing. He made our characters much livelier with better personalities, and I hope you guys fall in love with them as much as I did.

The game now also features a movie for the ending credits and a Talk option in the menu. After the game's release, I'll upload the movie here so you can view it in a higher quality format.

I've also changed the title font, and as you can see our title screen is now customized.

I hope you'll look forward to tomorrow! Thanks for all the support!
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