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Fixes incoming

While the game is fully playable in it's current state, there are some minor bugs we've managed to catch. Mostly due to fatigue creeping in on us ever so surely. A fixed file is being uploaded as I type this. Hopefully it will be the final contest version as I sure as hell won't have time to upload enough version for whatever reason.

I spent all month pulling near all-nighters every day to get this done in time. And now that I'm at the finish line, my body is just like 'That's it! We're done! No more!'. That being said, it's been an interesting ride, collaborating with a friend and letting them basically do whatever the hell they want with the established characters of SEM. It's given me insight on what I can do when I get back to the main project.

Anyway, just a heads up on the fix. I'll edit this when it's live.

Edit: Fixed version is available to download~