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Well. It's been four years since SEP first was made as part of the IGMC. But it's been even longer than that for the SE series as a whole. Since the days of GW and beyond. Back when I was first making trash like Mystic Legends and Axis Saga.

But not Angelic Awakening. I loved Angelic Awakening.

After all of that, SE has finally gotten a commercial release. I still feel like the game is rough, despite all the time I've spent polishing it. But all the same, the game has been released.

You can find it on Steam and Itch.io here:

A big thank you goes out to the RM community for all the help I've gotten over the past, what, decade almost? People have come and gone, but I've taken the lessons I've learned to heart, and I'd like to think that this release is a culmination of all of that.

So once again, thank you.


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Wow, congratulations! It's looking really cool. :) Best of luck with the Steam release!
You fulfilled your sacred promise to us Earthlings of releasing the game. Hurray!
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