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Vampire Clan Hierarchy

This clan is illegal and not supported by Council of Kings, in fact they oppose the order of Kraterians (human nation.)

Vampire King
Top position amongst the vampires. Every vampire is expected to do anything the vampire king commands.

Vampire Master
Second highest position amongst the vampires. Can become the Vampire King by going through ritual related to it, however said ritual requires artifact known as <redacted>.

Vampire Lord
Each Vampire Lord commands their own branch that belongs to Vampire Clan.

Vampire General
They directly answer to their respective Vampire Lords and are responsible to direct Vampire Lords armies. This includes waging war of course.

Vampire Clan Member
Non-feral vampires all belong to Vampire Clan as members or they get hunted down and killed by the clan. Vampire without a collar eventually turns mindless feral being who just feeds to stay alive.

They worship Vampire Lords, hoping that they will eventually get a favor of being turned to be one. Secrecy amongst the vampires make them believe that Vampire Lords are the real leaders.

Legal Clans Hierarchy

Highest position in the clan and appointed by Council of Kings. It's their responsibility to report to their respective kings about what is going on and make sure that the clan they lead doesn't try to overthrow Council of Kings.

After being a several years in a clan, one can be promoted to be a adept. Adepts get luxurious living conditions backed by their respective clans and more money than they need. This often leads the system being quite corrupt however.

Many villagers and citizens eventually try to join clans, however not everyone can be accepted. Upon completing various tests and succeeding in them, one can become Newbie. It should however be noted that one can simply pay their way to be clan members at their own risk.

Council of Kings

Each country has their own king and each king is member of Council of Kings. Their position is that above of the clans and heavily fund their armies to make sure that the clans stay under control and don't try to overthrow them.

Royal Army
Each king commands their own royal army, it is their responsibility to keep the clans under control in a case of clan master tries to rebel or loses control of the clan. It consist of various commanders and their soldiers.

Other Stuff

Clan Collar
Each clan has their respective clan collars. These collars are enchanted by powerful magic to protect them against tearing and wearing, however it also prevents the collars from being removed. However in exchange of being visibly marked as a clan member, the collars enhances one's physical abilities and allow them to learn new "skills." Very few non-clan members are as powerful due that.

It should be also noted that the collars make their wearer more powerful over time, thus some can face vastly more powerful enemies than others.

The heretics are often humans who have slain powerful demons and took their essence to gain near immortality. Their bodies don't age and many has secretly done this. Most of the heretics hide the fact and thus not get marked and hunted down by Council of Kings.

Feral Vampire
A vampire who has no collar and thus has turned insane of blood-lust. Sane vampires often hunt them down to gain more power without retaliation.

Demonic Essence
An essence that brings one closer to be half demons. Side effects include of growing horns, new parts (tails, cat ears etc) and potentially becoming insane. Greatly increases one's abilities and grants near immortality. It should be noted that this is why many of the vampires have visible horns. A very few are immune to some of if not all of side effects and thus can become way more powerful without losing their mind.


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We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
im saddened that shes second in leadership,but i guess that explains why some demon trash are able to do anything to her.
im a bit bias i guess :3
i love vampires but i guess its true vs many demon/non human sentient species
they probably would not even be in the top 20 strongest : (
but in my universe the laws of physics dont fully apply and they are are in the top 10
Vampire King is assumed to be gone and Lilith Bloodrose is seeking the artifact to make herself as a new Vampire King. Technically she is the leader now.

I know it sounds odd to call female as "Vampire King" but their ranks don't take account the gender.
Don't hate me cause I'm Cute :)
Well, gee Clord.

Since your the LEAD, have you considered telling the vamps to correct the gender
problem or you'll lower the're defense ratio?

Just trying to help :)
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
actually w8 a minute,there ranks arent relevant to power either then right? if they were
why are you getting 1 hit violated by some spirit and the silver haired vampire!?(who is she moka!?) it would honestly sadden me if your character was only at the top because of nobility(i really hate nobles and such...unless they are cute and kind : D)
Deaux is enough insane to attack even higher ups if she believes to gain something out of it. Other possibility is that she works under another another Vampire Master.
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
she looks so cute and composed in the picture,id never guess she was insane from outer appearance XD
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