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A one month contest project by Ocean

You play as Jacqui, the guitarist of the band. Your band has been playing in the bar for the audience. Your fellow band members, Christelle, Denis, and Francois have differing ideas on where they want to take the band. Christelle is the drummer who keeps the beat, Denis plays the bass and Francois is on the saxophone.

About the game:
-Custom turn based system, building up wave meter for attacks
-About an hour in length
-Custom graphics
-Custom soundtrack

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Download added!

This game was quite an experiment! I am glad to be finished with it, and I hope people enjoy it. I wish a lot of things, like I wish i had more time, I wish I didn't make x mistake, I wish I had more testing, a whole lot but I was struggling to finish it within the deadline for the rpgmakerweb contest!
The contest game link is here for that!

Now to enjoy the outdoors and free time again...
  • Completed
  • Ocean
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
  • Adventure RPG
  • 06/27/2014 12:35 AM
  • 04/15/2015 10:20 PM
  • 07/01/2014
  • 17405
  • 16
  • 500


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Just wanted to say how great this is looking! I love the musical aspect and man your spriting and art is just too sharp and nice, I love it! I'll be looking up on this :)
Omigod, it's a game about a band. I love band games.
Omigod, it's a game about a band. I love band games.

And I love pretty games~ This game seems to cater to us both.

But this looks cray cool.
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A really interesting concept,a lil effort to learn how to play well tho.
worth checking out for its unique style!

during the piano flashback scene
the give you gave to me>give>gift
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