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2014 Indie Game Maker Contest Entry
If you enjoy Fancy and the Fox, be sure to head over to the IGMC page and vote!

The town has lost it's sacred orbs, people are disappearing in the forests and the Spirits have become hostile. Fancy is thrown into recovering the orbs after discovering one in the forest along with an unlikely companion, a Fox. You must search for the remaining lost orbs, hidden items, and bring balance back to the area.

Enjoy the experience of a silent film as you play through an interactive world filled with comedic characters and dialogue all to the sound of a compelling soundtrack. You'll have a smile on your face within the first two minutes playing.

The young beauty grew up in town all her life. Things were going great until two months ago when the town's sacred orbs were stolen. Her fiance, Isaac, went in search of the orbs shortly after but has never returned. Fancy lives with her Mum now and helps around town where she can.

Mr. Emerson
A scholar since early age, Walt Emerson seeks to learn everything he can about the world. His efforts are currently engaged in finding out what happened to the sacred orbs and how to get them back.

Stewart & Sheila Stockton
Husband and wife who run the town's little shop. Their supply shipments have become ever more delayed since the Spirits have become aggressive in the forests. They keep their shop open still, trying to supply the town as best they can.

Son of Stewart and Sheila, Flynn is eager to learn and adventure. Always getting into places where he shouldn't, he is a loving kid at heart.

  • Fully interactive world to explore!
  • Compelling and moving soundtrack similar to a silent film!
  • Story driven game focusing on characters. Light and comedic dialogue!
  • Hidden items assist you in your adventure to bring the orbs back!
  • Multiple endings depending on which items you've collected/found!
  • Bring color back to the world as you recover the lost orbs!

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Time to Vote!

The contest deadline is past, all submissions are in and it's time to vote for the ones you like best! If you enjoyed Fancy and the Fox be sure to head over to the Indie Game Maker Contest page and give it a vote! Tell all your friends! Thanks for playing!

  • Completed
  • Des
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
  • Adventure Visual Novel
  • 06/27/2014 02:08 AM
  • 12/08/2016 01:38 AM
  • 06/26/2014
  • 33523
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Liberté, égalité, fraternité
I like the idea of this, and especially the thought that they world is in grey-scale because the orbs are gone, returning them returns colour. I'm usually not a visual novel type, but I'll give this one a go, and good luck in the Contest.
Great, thanks for playing! I look forward to hearing what you think!
Dear Developer.
My name is WolfSpawn

I want to get in the game for the kids of St. Jude.

This is why I've registered to participate as a St. Jude PLAY LIVE gamer. I'm using my gaming skills to help save the lives of kids battling cancer and other deadly diseases and I need you to help me reach my fundraising goal of $1000.00.

All you have to do is Put the videos up to view once uploaded where I will have gameplay of your game reviewing it, but there will be a donation link to where viewers can put a few bucks towards fighting Disease.

Thank you for your time and respond quickly, this ends on September first.
Liberté, égalité, fraternité
Great, thanks for playing! I look forward to hearing what you think!

I've only just started, but I'm really enjoying the style and mood of the game. Just one really small thing I noticed, in the intro section the old man says "Oh, a Forest Spirit! I'm sure you're a friendly Mr Spirit." I think that should either read without the 'a' or the 'Mr', both makes the sentence clunky.

Right, back to the game.

e: sorry edit to add, 'Fox' has just joined me, but he doesn't seem to have a face-set assigned, is that on purpose? There are some free ones available if you're looking.

Also you seem to use Mum and Mom interchangeably, in that Fancy calls hers Mum, whilst Flynn calls his Mom.
Just read your review, very nicely written! Thanks for that, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I was looking for a Fox face set but the ones I found, I couldn't find definitively if they were royalty free. If you know of any, I'd appreciate a link! :)

And the Mum/Mom dialogue was character based. Fancy is purposefully the only one who calls hers Mum. Though I suppose if its a small town of an area the dialect should be the same between 'native' speakers.

Thanks again for checking out my game!
Liberté, égalité, fraternité
Well the one I was thinking of was the one Antares did on vxnet about 5 years ago. She made them freely available with credit. The fox one is pretty much the first one in this post.


I've lived most of my life in various commonwealth countries, Mum is the natural one for me, so I suppose I just noticed it because of that, but you are correct unless one or other of them is an import to the town, they both should have the same usage. If you wanted to keep it as a differentiation you could always have Fancy's family emigrate to the town when she was young from a place where Mum is the norm.
Awesome find! I didn't come across that one! Thanks for the heads up
Interesting game. I really liked the art style and the direction you went with it. I couldn't help but want to smack Isaac, though.

Overall, I liked it. Short and sweet.
Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it!
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
Story <if you plan to read this its negative. just a warning

this was terrible. just terrible. your a normal helpless girl who is forced more or less by the scum in town to do stuff that you should not have to
worse its never explained why you have to do it specifically or why the orbs are important!
you'd think the parents would AT LEAST come with you to get THERE KID but they just stay in town
while being like, yeah this other girl who has no obligation to help. HAS to do it for god knows what reason.
the guy who was pretending to be intelligent was a useless idiot... whats the point in thinking why the were the orbs stolen?
the only things that matter are where they are and who is going to get them :/
punishment from god right...

Empty. just plain empty

you can dance to this!


less then a hour!
thank fate theres no battles in this it would of made it terrible! well its halfway to that.
you walk around look at the pretty scenery obtain a item in the forest 3 times and come back home!
the visuals were nice too! :D

i expected this to be better. i consider it ok at best recommended for people who want something quick that you cant really fail
I guess I got the bad ending. I cried so hard on the inside. I couldn't cry on the outside though because I streamed it live. ;~;
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