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Sometimes it is best we try to understand what exactly happened in the past. This is what triggered the events of today. To think something that happened over 6 centuries ago can have an effect on today is simply... Is this the 'Blood Legacy' she's talking about?

Black Galax: Blood Legacy is a background story and an origin story of the main game: Black Galax: Revert

It talks about Alison Richard and her tribulations in life after witnessing her father being murdered. Thrust into a family of witches and finally the 'Mass Witch Trials' that was held somewhere sometime during the 17th Century. This book was kept by Ravier Connor and shared with the Nexus to solve the mystery behind Black Galax... But... does it help?

- Double Narrative Story (Experience the story from both Ravier's point of view and Alison's point of view)
- Battles (With no RPG Elements) and Puzzles
- Pretty Mapping with resources not belonging to me (Credits are given in game).
- Purely on the Magic Side compared to the Main game (No Science!)

Latest Blog

Remake ahoy!

Now that I've finished the main game - Black Galax Revert - I finally have time to attend to this game again after I rushed it for a competition. The story will now be greatly - by about 2-3 chapters - expanded upon.

I can't say much as of now, but roughly the game will have about 2 - 3 additional chapters added.
Plus more exploration, hopefully, I'm not really good at making promises XD

I'll write more and put up some screenshots once I have something new to show, but for now, this is just to let you know that I'm finally working on polishing it to make it better.

That's all! Thank you for reading!

Edit: I'll keep the download up if you want to give it a whirl.
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  • 06/28/2014 09:27 AM
  • 08/03/2016 02:13 PM
  • 06/28/2014
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Chapter 3, after I return to my castle I have no choice but to get a game over. Is there something I can do beforehand?
I would like to write a review, but I'd prefer to actually finish the game.

There have been a couple of times I could walk over objects, but other than that I didn't encounter any major trouble.
Hmm... It would help if you could provide a little more detail about where you got the game over as there are no more battles in the Castle which will result in a game over.

Like is it at the corridor? Or at the last location which is the Research Lab?
It is right after you are separated from Lily. You come into a new room, and after the dialogue between Lily and Crossguy ends, Game Over it is.
Sorry for not making it specific before.
I just tried it and there is nothing wrong from my end; weird.
Perhaps try again from the start of Chapter 3?

If it still persist, and if it isn't too much trouble, could you record the whole event from start of chapter 3? Or maybe send me your game save via PM from the start of chapter 3. Thanks for taking the time to report :D
I will do that. Could also exactly pinpoint the time it happens, if that would help.

But I think I just have a save file of Chapter 2 near-end .. oh well. Will have to do.

After you escape the town by boat, and arrive in the Castle/Royal Garden. Scene swaps to Corridor, as Lily teleports Alice there, and back to Royal Garden.

Lily: "That's none of your business.
3 seconds. I'll make sure you're dead by then."

Father: "We'll see about that!"

Screens goes black, Game Over.
I see, that's the point when I remove Lily from the party and added Alice.
It's still weird though, normally that wouldn't result in a game over unless Alice 'Died' and Lily is alive.

My guess is that Alice is probably dead from all the 'damage' that she took when finding her way from the town to the castle.
That might be possible, it's a little bit problematic that you can't see any health bars.
I actually was surprised to get through the boat part, expected one retry. Oh well.

Edit: Yep, that's the error. Works.
Try again, and this time try to minimize your damage taken and see if that results in a game over.

If it doesn't then I guess I was right and I might have to come up with a new version to prevent this from happening, though that might take a while since my busy schedule has begin again.
Done. It was rather bold of you to tackle a visual novel style given that you are not confident in your narrating. It shows a little bit, but the main issue I see is the lack of consistency. (and some typos seem so particular German : D but that's just me.)
Still, not a bad play.

Will write a review soon.
It kinda sucks to know in advance that I probably won't be doing well in my writing essay 4 days later :(
But anyway, thanks for taking the time to complete the game.
Looking forward to a review :D
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random thoughts

whats with the father is on top and daughter on bottom??? that sounds so wrong!

some awkward english
Alex "let's find out what is it" should be it is

hate not being able to save >.>

these kids are so fucking stupid after hearing a wolf and someone freaking out like that for no reason they should of went back to town >.>

Allen>friend is missing>should be friends

glad your father killed that pos...demanding he give his daughters...because of that?...
that guys a compete scum...sicking...

i really don't feel the dressing room scene was needed to tell a story...

.....god this just sucks...its all about rape slavery and bullshit now...

at least t went back into the green...still pissed >.>

mapping is beautiful

well this was depressing :/

Overall ify(depends on your views as a individual)

note that i do my best to give games a unbias view
but i really hate and i mean am sickened by rape,torture and slavery...so ya im pretty upset with this :/
so outside of the scenes related to the older brother
the game was decent-good

i liked the main female character as she will stand up for what she believes in despite what the repercussions may be

i liked the "battles" and mini games(the counter one was ridiculous :3 but unique)

the plot was well...basically the darkness of humanity how they will do such cruel and stupid things for reasons like religion and greed

id recommend this for those who enjoy depressing things,enjoy seeing people suffer,enjoy female leads,enjoy death
as the particular part i couldn't stand and magic was less a part of what you see in the majority of the game not so much that.

this gave me mixed feelings but id be interested in seeing the sequel to this
mentioned multiple times in game
as the creator is good at making games but needs work on the dialog in some areas
for it to sound better
so keep up the great work!
Thanks for the feedback!

I will take the suggestion and feedback to improve and expand on the game. :D
Is this a sequel for "Black Galax: Revert"?
Timeline wise it is a prequel. But this story as of now is quite incomplete. Once I have time I will remake the game.
Timeline wise it is a prequel. But this story as of now is quite incomplete. Once I have time I will remake the game.

I'm looking forward to it :)
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