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Sacred Reviews: Fly Forever


is the worst game ever. It features awful custom music, awful custom graphics, awful gameplay and awful story.

While, I'm not above self deprecating jokes myself. I honestly don't see how this game qualifies as being the worst game ever. Especially when titles like "Hawkman" have graced this site in the past. As such, I really can't consider this game the worst. On the other hand, I'll agree that this game is not very good. Mostly because it can't seem to decide if wants to be a silly joke game like "This is a Game" from the 2015 Indie Game Maker contest or if it wants to be taken more seriously.


You play as a blood sucking fiend, a mosquito, on a mission to save your fellow insects from the invading humans. After all, you can't allow them to reassert their dominance over the land and sea after working so hard for the past twenty generations to keep it out of their hands.

Of course along the way you'll need to answer tough questions about the life, universe, and everything. Thankfully you were born aware of the power of the number 42. Other wise, you'd never be able to complete this quest, a quest which will drive you around the bend like a mad hatter.


I suppose one of the hardest aspects of this game to judge is it's gameplay. After all, the game can be readily beaten in under 15 minutes. So there isn't all that much to comment on, but considering this is a comedy game. How the game actually functions is even more important then normal in my opinion. Since, how a player interacts with the game world can also present room for comedy. After all, if your game breaks away from normal conventions it may leave the audience with no clear way to respond other then laughter. At the same time, what people find humorous can vary wild from person to person. As such, I find myself struggling on what to say about this game's best swings at being hilarious.

On one hand, other people have definitely found this section of the game highly amusing. So much so, that one developer nearly fell out of his seat while laughing. On the other hand, I find the game's over reliance on dumb answers to dumb questions considering they have nothing to do with the game's actual plot to be mildly annoying.

But what really kills this aspect of this game for me is the part depicted in the .gif below.

This area of the game requires pixel perfect timing in order to advance. An inclusion that makes little sense in a joke game in my opinion. After all, it would be far more funny if the animal chasing the player gave up half way through the area. Or simply started wheezing after the first turn or two before coming to a dead stop at the third turn from sheer exhaustion. If anything, the game's requirement that you hit every point with perfect accuracy only serves to frustrate the player. Since, you can readily get stuck on this section for several minutes if your reaction time is ever so slightly off.

Graphics & Music

On the graphical and musical side the game does feature some custom art work and tracks. And while I wouldn't say the artwork is amazing. At least it isn't as incompetently done as the scene of Jesus walking on water in "Jesus Christ RPG". And, I'll admit a certain fondness for the main characters pitiful wobbling back and forth in order to indicate movement. After all, there's just something inherently amusing about watching a character that looks like a blue E.T. wobbling from side to side like a children's punching bag.


"Fly Forever" is an obvious crack game whose comedic appeal falls a bit flat in my case. To make matters worse the game's assets while okay aren't exactly impressive either. So the game doesn't have anything going for it that would make me recommend it. As such, I'd recommend giving this game a pass.