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A preview of new mechanics

In the video above, I show off some new elements to the game. First and foremost, the completely rewritten - from scratch - interface system. It features what I've dubbed the "Active Help System", where in any menu you can hit the help key (default D) to show "hotspots" which you can navigate to, to see more information about this element. For some elements it provides a simple explanation, while in others it can show tooltips for quickly perusing some stats for equipment.

The info window you see in the window is open by default, to make it quick and painless to keep tabs on the Heroes' current equipment, quest and gold (a much request feature).

This is where you also notice that equipment now have visible stats. All equipment has a quality stat, weapons and armor have a weight stat, and an attack and defense stat, respectively.

In addition, all equipment can have up to two skills. These will be available to the heroes when this equipment is equipped. Equipment quality is determined by multiple factors, but let me tease you a bit and say, yes, you can meld equipment to improve and even change skills and attributes.

Excited yet? :D