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Gathering Microgame

Gathering materials in the contest version of the game was a big part of earning money and trading, but in the new version of the game, it takes on a different role. Materials gathered will be worth more, and fewer of them are required for the occasional trades. But finding them will also be rarer, and the way you pick them up has been redesigned completely. Now, you'll get a "microgame" where you get a chance to score many materials from one spot if your timing is good enough.

I'm aware that there's quite a lot of people who play RPG's because they don't want their reflexes tested; to acommodate this, I'm also adding another item to the game: Camomille Tea. If you have some of these in your inventory when you interact with a gathering spot, you will be asked if you want to drink it to calm your nerves. Doing this will make the microgame easier, but you can no longer get critical bonuses.

Additionally, for the reflex junkies out there, there'll be a Dark Coffee item. Similar to Camomille Tea, this item will instead increase your concentration and heart rate, making the microgame harder, but criticals yield double. I'll show these off soon :)