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Post-Post-Contest Version

Hey, I've uploaded a new version. I know it hasn't been that long since my last update, but I got some great feedback and a few things clicked, so I think that the experience is different enough to warrant uploading. Here are the changes:

-Mara now has access to a new skill category called "Mana Burn." This lets her use her elemental abilities without switching, but they're double the MP cost (triple in the case of ice daggers). This should speed up the flow of combat for the regular encounters, and elemental shift is still useful for longer battles because of the smaller mp cost and buffs to Bud.
-Percival now changes colors to reflect his elemental weakness. Before, he would just flash briefly.
-I removed one of the mandatory encounters that was a bit redundant.

That's it! Mara's new skill category is the biggest game changer here; hopefully, it will speed up the flow of the combat, which was a point of criticism I've received a lot.


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The all around prick
Great news! I'll give it a shot as soon as I can.

Though I would have liked the original version still be available for download. For future players to see how well you did during the contest.
The contest version's still available on the contest site. I feel a little weird about keeping a contest version on this site since it's basically a worse game and I want people to play it, haha. Maybe I'll include it for archival purposes once the contest is officially over.
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