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In Peace of Mind, you play as a white mage stabbing phobias out of a person's brain and tell off bosses for how terrible they're being.

...Sorry, that was a bit too abrupt, wasn't it?

Peace of Mind is a story-focused adventure game made for the 2014 Indie Game Maker Contest, with light action elements and an emphasis on using game-like mechanics to further the story.
When a friendly adventurer goes in a cult hideout, he ends up picking up a tome of eldritch lore. As is typical of such things, the vast knowledge contains inside starts to infect his mind and drive him to madness. The problem is that this time, the infection is contagious.
When he goes back to his home, everyone around him is driven mad, one by one, and the hospital is desperately stumbling over itself to treat it--and making absolutely no headway. The city is quarantined, everywhere is closed up, and people are dropping like flies.
As the town's resident healer, it's up to you to enter inside the hero's mind, purge out the madness bit by bit, talk some sense into the man, and see if you can get sanity reigning once more.

- 45 minutes of playtime
- Lots of talking!
- A (simple) active battle system
- A few custom graphics made by a dude who isn't an artist
- Semi-original soundtrack
- Weaponized discussion system
- No, seriously, a LOT of talking
- Surreal environments
- Not a horror game
- Horror games are pretty cool though
- Egregious use of ellipses
- I think someone says a swear word somewhere

Started on June 4th, finished on 29th. My first finished RPG Maker game, hooray!

Download mirrors: Dropbox
Credits: Here

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Liberté, égalité, fraternité
Ok, I saw good things said about this over at RMW so I'll add it to my ever expanding list. It actually looks like a bit of fun, I'll let you know what I think...and probably review since I'm doing that a bit at the moment.

Good Luck, with the contest.
Thank you very much. I hope you enjoy it, and I'm eager to hear your thoughts!
I learned many things from your game. About the academical vocabulary.
Nevermind, sorry! Didn't see the download mirror link at the bottom.
When I try to open the game, I can see the start menu fine, but when I try to actually start the game I get this:
Script 'Cache' line 106:RGSSError occurred.

failed to create bitmap
And then it crashes.

I moved the folder around on flash drives for a little while before I actually started, so possibly it's just corrupted, but...does anyone else have this issue?

Edit: Okay yeah I redownloaded it and it works fine. Never mind then, just some file corruption on my end.
Pretty interesting for an RTP game. It gets very psychological and it is probably more of a visual novel than an action RPG, since the actual fights are pretty easy and so it's more about the talking sections. It's a nice game if you dont mind the tired old RTP visuals.
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